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Damian Algabre

July 26, 2021 Length: 1257 words 0 comments

Report on Mini-Conference on Raya Dunayevskaya’s Intersectional Marxism

Summary: On the first-ever conference on Raya Dunayevskaya’s work–Editors

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Hands Off the People of Iran

July 14, 2021 Length: 1170 words 2 comments

Iran: Workers unite in huge protest

A strike that started amongst one section of oil workers in southern Iran has spread to all oil exploration, refinery and petrochemical plants in the country, and is gaining widespread support from other workers too. Here, we publish the striking workers’ statement – Editors.

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Damian Algabre

June 26, 2021 Length: 1495 words 0 comments

No Cops at Pride! Community, Liberation, and Abolition Undergird Pride in 2021

Summary: Musings on the history of Pride, police brutality, and the anti-capitalist turn in Pride in the time of COVID-19 – Editors.

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Richard Abernethy

June 6, 2021 Length: 1125 words 0 comments

Colombia: Revolt in the Time of Coronavirus

Summary: In a land of staggering inequality, mass protests by grassroots organisations stay strong in the face of violent repression.

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Natália de Oliveira

May 28, 2021 Length: 2663 words 0 comments

Concerning the Most Recent Massacre in Rio de Janeiro: Yes, Another One

Summary: Discusses the consequences of racism in Brazil and how racism is deeply intertwined in capitalism – Editors.

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Hector Salazar

May 24, 2021 Length: 3619 words 1 comments

Honduras, Immigration, and the Decline of the U.S. Empire

Summary: The manufactured “crisis” of immigration being touted by the press in light of tens of thousands of Central American refugees seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border makes this an important moment to review the roots of the present situation and the Biden Administration’s response to it – Editors.

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David Black

May 19, 2021 Length: 979 words 0 comments

Israel’s Murderous War on the Palestinians Exposes US ‘Normalization’ of the Middle East

Summary: Israel’s brutal war against Palestinians, including the pogroms in Israeli cities, in the context of US imperial machinations – Editors

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Regletto Aldrich Imbong,
Mari Elise Gwyneth Lim

May 5, 2021 Length: 3607 words 0 comments

The Militarization of a Pandemic and the Struggle for Peace

Summary: The response by the Philippine state to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to ever-greater militarization and repression by President Duterte. Its impact is detailed in this article by two leftwing scholars and activists – Editors

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Aindrias Ó Cathasaigh

April 22, 2021 Length: 3334 words 0 comments

[Discussion Article] The Second Thoughts of Engels on the State

The writings of Engels on the state exhibit ambiguities, some of which have curiously escaped notice, but Marxist thought can ill afford to ignore them – Editors

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April 17, 2021 Length: 468 words 0 comments

Call for Solidarity with DOXA

Call to support the Russian journal DOXA, whose editors were arrested by Russian authorities — Editors

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Gilbert Achcar

April 6, 2021 Length: 2255 words 0 comments

Their anti-imperialism and ours

Some on the left deny the existence of any forms of imperialism besides those of the U.S. and its allies, and thus fail to support or even oppose valid liberatory or democratic movements.
First appeared in The Nation, April 6, 2021, here https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/anti-imperialism-syria-progressive/ — Editors

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Syrian writers and intellectuals and others who stand in solidarity with them

March 27, 2021 Length: 4118 words 2 comments

Erasing People through Disinformation: Syria and the “Anti-Imperialism” of Fools

Summary: Disreputable writers and outlets, often operating under the aegis of “independent journalism” with purportedly “leftwing” views, are spreading corrosive propaganda and disinformation that aims to strip Syrians of political agency. First appeared in English in New Politics Online https://newpol.org/erasing-people-through-disinformation-syria-and-the-anti-imperialism-of-fools/ — Editors

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Rédaction Africa News

March 23, 2021 Length: 82 words 0 comments

Case of Maati Monjib: Moroccan dissident historian provisionally released from prison

Summary: We celebrate socialist Maati Monjib’s release and will continue to defend him against regime repression — Editors

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Paulo Freire Democratic Project

March 21, 2021 Length: 376 words 1 comments

We Stand in Solidarity with Asian and Asian American Communities

Summary: Statement of solidarity by Paulo Freire Democratic Project, Chapman University, California, in response to the racist, misogynist murders in Atlanta. Originally appeared here https://www.chapman.edu/education/centers-and-partnerships/paulo-freire/index.aspx — Editors

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Lilia D. Monzó

March 21, 2021 Length: 1069 words 0 comments

On Kevin Anderson’s New Book on Dialectics

Summary: Introductory remarks at the book launch for Kevin B. Anderson, Dialectics of Revolution: Hegel, Marxism and Its Critics Through a Lens of Race, Class, Gender, and Colonialism– Editors

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