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Jackson Aquino

April 28, 2024 Length: 718 words 0 comments

Inside the Gaza Protests at University of Southern California

Summary: Student recounts demonstrations and harsh police response – Editors

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Peter Hudis

April 27, 2024 Length: 804 words 0 comments

College Occupations and Walk-Outs Spread to Chicago

Summary: On student liberation zones and walk-outs in the Chicago area in response to the nationwide protests in support of Palestinian self-determination and against Israel’s ongoing genocide — Editors

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Peter Hudis

March 26, 2024 Length: 2524 words 1 comments

Charges of Antisemitism Weaponized

Summary: Highlights the weaponization of charges of antisemitism to silence leftist critics of Israeli policies, noting the convergence of the far-right and left-of-center neoliberals in demonizing such critics.

First appeared in Against the Current No. 229 here: https://againstthecurrent.org/atc229/charges-of-antisemitism-weaponized/ — Editors

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Rory Diola

March 23, 2024 Length: 522 words 0 comments

Protest Over Closing of UCSB MultiCultural Center in Wake of Pro-Palestinian Posters

Summary: Day of protest organized by pro-Palestinian students and Black Studies faculty after UC Santa Barbara administration shuts down MultiCultural Center — Editors

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Ndindi Kitonga,
Jared Ware

March 23, 2024 Length: 191 words 0 comments

[Video] Fanon, Anti-Colonial Education and Marxist-Humanism with Ndindi Kitonga

Summary: In this episode, sponsored by Millennials Are Killing Capitalism Live!, Jared Ware welcome Ndindi Kitonga to the show to discuss Frantz Fanon, Marxist-Humanism, and Ndindi’s work on anti-colonial education and pedagogy – Editors

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Ba Karang

March 17, 2024 Length: 443 words 0 comments

Standing in Solidarity with Senegal

Summary: Mass movement against President Macky Sall’s attempt to avoid elections bears fruit, a victory fraught with contradictions — Editors

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Hamid Shirazi

March 3, 2024 Length: 383 words 0 comments

Los Angeles March for Gaza

Summary: Marxist-Humanists participate and engage in dialogue on a global day of solidarity — Editors

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Karel Ludenhoff

February 29, 2024 Length: 1470 words 0 comments

Germany: Critical Remarks on Anti-Rightwing Demonstrations and the Future of the Left after the Wagenknecht Split

Summary: On recent demonstrations in Germany against the swing to the right and on Alliance Sarah Wagenknecht — Editors

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Derek Lewis

February 25, 2024 Length: 1506 words 0 comments

Fascistic Christian Nationalism’s Role in Killing Nex Benedict

Summary: Analyzing the death of 16-year-old Nex Benedict, a non-binary Oklahoma high school student, in the context of U.S. Christian Nationalism and capitalism — Editors

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Ukraine Solidarity Network (U.S.)

February 23, 2024 Length: 860 words 0 comments

Stand Against Genocide and Imperialism, from Palestine to Ukraine

Summary: This statement of the Ukraine Solidarity Network was issued for the second anniversary of Russia’s full-blown invasion of Ukraine — Editors

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Sam Friedman,
Mary Jirmanus Saba

February 16, 2024 Length: 4441 words 0 comments

The Left and COVID: A response to Mike Haynes

Summary: Mike Haynes’s article “The Left, COVID, and the Roads Not Taken” aims to skewer the Left for its failures during the COVID pandemic.[1] In this article, the authors first go through his argument and show its weaknesses and one or two strengths. They end by suggesting paths the Left can continue to take to centre the public’s health, including responding to the current, and future pandemics. First appeared here: https://www.historicalmaterialism.org/blog/left-and-covid-response-to-mike-haynes – Editors

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Peter Hudis

February 14, 2024 Length: 2852 words 0 comments

Rosa Luxemburg Exposed the Colonial Genocide in Namibia

Summary: Explores the intersection of Rosa Luxemburg’s writings and the historical context of the Namibian genocide, delving into the interconnectedness of imperialism and capitalism. First appeared in Jacobin here: https://jacobin.com/2024/02/rosa-luxemburg-namibia-genocide-imperialism-capitalism

Greek version here: https://imhojournal.org/articles/17264/ — Editors

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Joseph Daher

February 12, 2024 Length: 2895 words 0 comments

Impact of Israeli Genocidal War in Gaza on the Middle East

Summary: As Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon face Israel’s genocidal war on the Palestinians, what are the tasks of the left? Earlier version appeared in Solidarity on January 17, here https://solidarity-us.org/impact-of-israeli-genocidal-war-in-gaza-on-the-middle-east/ — Editors

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Ba Karang

February 12, 2024 Length: 351 words 1 comments

In Solidarity with Senegal: The Ongoing Struggle Against Macky Sall’s Dictatorship

Summary: Movement against dictatorship faces challenges from both regime and opportunistic politicians — Editors

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Rocio Lopez

February 10, 2024 Length: 341 words 0 comments

Russia Admits Aims in Ukraine Similar to Israel’s in Gaza

Summary: Interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reveals affinity with Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinians — Editors

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