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The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

October 4, 2019 Length: 735 words 2 comments

No War on Iran for the Saudis!

Summary: Statement by the International Marxist Humanist Organization against war and imperialist sanctions. While the attack, attributed to Iran, on the Saudi oil processing plant shows the vulnerability of US allies in the region, the new financial sanctions the US is using against Iran — and also Venezuela — constitute an unprecedented type of imperialist intervention, in addition to threats of outright war — Editors

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Damian Algabre

October 3, 2019 Length: 1397 words 0 comments

On Corporate Pride and Reclaiming Pride’s Radical Past

Summary: Discusses the meaning of Pride, and its revolutionary potential.

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Hamid Assian

September 28, 2019 Length: 942 words 0 comments

In Memoriam: Lisa Lubow

Summary: Remarks delivered to the July 20 memorial meeting for scholar activist Lisa Lubow (1954-2019), at Glendale Community College, CA. Lisa linked her fierce opposition to environmental destruction to its underlying roots in the capitalist system through the Converging Storms Action Network, which she co-founded — Editors

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Kaveh Boveiri

September 25, 2019 Length: 424 words 0 comments

Sanctions and More. Who suffers?

Discusses the civilians suffering from the sanctions on Iran. Originally appeared in London Progressive Journal on September 22, 2019 here.

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J Turk

September 24, 2019 Length: 1426 words 0 comments

GM strikers push beyond fairness

Summary: The strike against General Motors by 49,000 members of the United Autoworkers, which began September 15, has caught the attention of the country.

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Iranian Left Committee; Chicago

September 18, 2019 Length: 352 words 0 comments

Stand for Labor and Human Rights in Iran

Summary: On repression of Iranian workers and other social activists — Editors

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Kevin B. Anderson

September 6, 2019 Length: 1390 words 1 comments

What Marx Understood About Slavery

Summary: Marx theorized the particularly capitalist character of New World slavery and resistance by enslaved people in relationship to capital and labor as a whole. First appeared in Jacobin on September 5, 2019, here: — Editors

Portuguese translation

Turkish translation

Italian translation

Spanish translation

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Rhaysa Ruas

August 31, 2019 Length: 2981 words 0 comments

The Amazon Burns and the Politics of Death: Resisting the Commodification of Our Future

Summary: The Bolsonaro administration is allowing the Amazon to burn as part of a project to accelerate capital accumulation, but is meeting massive resistance both at home and abroad. First appeared in New Politics Online, Aug. 30, 2019, here:   

Portuguese translation here.

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Zahoor Ahmad Wani

August 8, 2019 Length: 1284 words 0 comments

The Continuing Relevance of Karl Marx

Marx’s theories of alienation, exploitation, class struggle and ideology remain more relevant than ever, but have to be separated from the enormous distortions they have suffered. First appeared in Mainstream Weekly (India), June 1, 2019, here:  — Editors 

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Jens Johansson

July 13, 2019 Length: 1019 words 0 comments

Swedish Social Democrats Drift Further Right on Nuclear Ban and the Environment

Summary: For two years Sweden has debated whether to ratify the UN’s Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. On Friday, July 12, the nation’s Social Democratic minister of foreign affairs announced that Sweden will not sign the treaty. Thousands, both within and outside the Social Democratic Party, expressed disappointment with the decision – Editors.

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Karel Ludenhoff

July 2, 2019 Length: 712 words 0 comments

Italian Dockworkers Show Solidarity with Migrants

Summary: Genoa dockworkers stop weapons shipments and support migrants in the face of racist demagoguery from the far right — Editors

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Rehmah Sufi

July 1, 2019 Length: 1553 words 0 comments

A Protest for Zero Tolerance for Migrant Detention with My 5-Year-Old

Summary: Author takes her daughter to protest against immigrant detention in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago organized by the Little Village Solidarity Network — Editors

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The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

June 24, 2019 Length: 554 words 1 comments

Stop US Imperialist Moves against Iran! For the Liberation of All the Peoples of the Region!

Summary: Today, the US has the most reckless and aggressive regime in its historyA war with Iran, even a “limited” series of airstrikes, could spin out of control, devastating the region and the global economy, with terrible consequences for the people of the world — Editors 

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Kevin B. Anderson

June 4, 2019 Length: 1236 words 0 comments

To the Arab Readers of Marx at the Margins

Summary: Published as “Letter to My Arab Readers” for the new translation into Arabic, Cairo: Arweqa Institution for Studies, Translation, and Publishing, 2019, translated by Hisham Rouhana. First appeared in English in New Politics Online, June 4, 2019  — Editors

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Peter Hudis

June 3, 2019 Length: 5075 words 2 comments

The Green New Deal: Realistic Proposal or Fantasy?

In order to save and preserve what we have in common, the earth, we must transition to a form of society that respects the commons. First appeared in New Politics Online May 26, 2019 — Editors

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