The trial of Reyhaneh Ansari Nejad will be held on July 17, 2023

Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburban Bus Company

Summary: Support statement for Iranian woman labor activist who was later sentenced to two years in prison, trans. by Hamid Vahed — Editors

Translated by
Hamid Vahed

Reyhaneh Ansari Nejad, a retired worker and labor activist, was summoned to Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, presided over by Judge Salavati for trial. The time of the trial was announced by telephone with her on July 8, 2023.

Reyhaneh Ansari Nejad was charged with assembly and collusion with intent to act against the country’s security through communication with workers, teachers and students.

Reyhaneh Ansari Nejad has committed no crime. The Workers Syndicate of Vahed Company held the trial against Reyhaneh Ansari Nejad on unfounded charges as a complete anti-worker and considers the continuation of pressure on her as a violation of the most basic human rights of this labor activist. All charges against Reyhaneh Ansarin Nejad should be dropped.


The prisoner must be freed!

Political prisoners must be freed.

Workers’ Solution Unity and Organization


Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburban Bus Company

July 14, 2023


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