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Peter Hudis

March 4, 2023 Length: 2453 words 0 comments

Chicago’s Mayoral Election and the Ramifications of Today’s “War on Crime”

Summary: First round of Chicago mayoral election focuses and threat to leftwing politics posed by the spurious claim that the U.S. is experiencing an unprecedented epidemic of crime – Editors

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Iranian feminists and students,
Independent Iranian trade unions

March 2, 2023 Length: 1272 words 1 comments

Iran: Trade Unions Issue Charter Of Minimum Demands

Summary: Joint charter listing “minimum demands,” written by independent Iranian trade unions, feminists, and student groups – Editors

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Kevin B. Anderson

February 15, 2023 Length: 1238 words 1 comments

Democracy and the White Working Class vs. “Oligarchy” in the South: Insights from Varon’s New History of the Civil War

Summary: Two strands of Elizabeth Varon’s book, that of a real democracy vs. a white southern oligarchy and that of a racist, nativist politics of grievance in the face of the Confederacy’s defeat, lead to some inspiring but also sober reflections on America’s past — Editors

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Derek Lewis

February 11, 2023 Length: 778 words 0 comments

2023 U.S. State of the Union Address

Summary: Report on U.S. President Biden’s State of the Union before the 118th Congress – Editors

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Rodrigo Maiolini Rebello Pinho

February 9, 2023 Length: 4207 words 2 comments

The Brazilian elections, the January 8 coup attempt and the challenges facing the working class

Results of the 2022 elections, the coup attempt, and the challenges facing the working class in order to defeat the neofascist ongoing insurrection – Editors

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Damian Algabre

February 9, 2023 Length: 599 words 0 comments

College Board Guts AP African American Studies Curriculum

Summary: To appease conservative backlash, College Board removes content from new Advanced Placement African American Studies curriculum – Editors

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Kevin B. Anderson

February 8, 2023 Length: 145 words 0 comments

[Audio] Kevin B. Anderson on the Anti-Colonial Marx

Summary: Interview with Kevin B. Anderson on how Marx was far more attuned to questions of race and ethnicity than his critics would have you believe – Editors

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Lyndon Porter

February 7, 2023 Length: 1632 words 0 comments

The Killing of Tyre Nichols and the Contradictions of Policing

Summary: The contradictions of policing cannot be hidden behind a veil of “law and order” when people recognize that law and order in a capitalist society just means the continuation of racist and classist practices to maintain the accumulation of capital. – Editors

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Bill Young

January 29, 2023 Length: 3856 words 0 comments

Six Weeks in Peru: A Human Rights Emergency leads to the “Seizure of Lima.” Violent Repression Ends in a Bloody Standoff

Summary: A Marxist-Humanist reports on the complex situation in Peru with critical historical context. — Editors

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Damian Algabre,
Heather A. Brown,
Rehmah Sufi

January 28, 2023 Length: 3200 words 0 comments

A Marxist-Humanist Statement in Support and Defense of Transgender Rights

Summary: As gender liberation is an indispensable part of the greater struggle for liberation, the lives of trans and other gender expansive folks must be taken seriously and defended unequivocally – Editors

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Kevin B. Anderson

January 25, 2023 Length: 679 words 0 comments

Millions of French Workers Come Out to Oppose Austerity

Summary: The mass movement in France has reached unexpected size, posing a serious challenge to the government’s austerity plans — Editors

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Eric Blanc,
Peter Hudis,
Isabel Loureiro,
David McNally,
Lori Turner

January 25, 2023 Length: 194 words 0 comments

[Video] Rosa Luxemburg: On Revolution

Summary Recording of book launch for Volume IV of the Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg, Political Writings 2, “On Revolution” (1906–1909). Hosted by Verso Books and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation – Editors.

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January 20, 2023 Length: 4554 words 1 comments

From Foxconn to the White Paper Revolt: Observations on Chinese Marxists

Summary: This discussion from an activist in China evaluates the massive protests in recent months in light of what they signify for a possible rebirth of genuine Marxism there – Editors.

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Jackson Rodrigo

January 19, 2023 Length: 832 words 0 comments

Revolutionary Education – Unprecedented Strikes in the University of California

A student activist on the unfoldment and debates of the strike of 48,000 academic workers at University of California – Editors

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Dawn Alexander

January 15, 2023 Length: 883 words 15 comments

Life in Mississippi women’s prison ‘not a privilege – just hell’

Summary: We are reposting this article from December 16, 2019 about the horrible conditions at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility for women, as it has received several comments with reports by people who either have, or have relatives who have, been incarcerated there — Editors

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