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The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

August 28, 2020 Length: 277 words 0 comments

Support Postal Workers reinstalling letter-sorting machines!

Postal workers in Dallas, Texas, Tacoma and Wenatchee, Washington have reinstalled letter-sorting machines that have been dismantled over the past few months. As an organization we encourage civil society in the US, and national and international unions, to actively support the Postal Workers and their attempts to secure a democratic result in the upcoming Presidential Election.

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Heather A. Brown

August 24, 2020 Length: 4128 words 2 comments

Ecology and Life in the Pandemic: Capital’s Treadmill of Growth and Destruction

Summary: Report to the July 2020 Interim Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization, slightly updated — Editors

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Khalfani Malik Khaldun

August 23, 2020 Length: 2488 words 1 comments

Why Prison Abolition? Why Now? Behavior Modification Control at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility

Summary: This report by a longtime Black political prisoner in Indiana exposes the mental and physical mechanisms being used to try to prevent prisoners from uniting against their oppressors. It concludes with a brief auto-biographical sketch on why prison abolition is imperative.

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Rhaysa Ruas

August 22, 2020 Length: 5873 words 1 comments

COVID-19 and resistance in Brazil: life-making, memory, and challenges in seeding an alternative future

Summary: Report presented to the July 2020 Interim Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization. First appeared in New Politics Online, here: — Editors

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Ndindi Kitonga

August 21, 2020 Length: 4770 words 1 comments

Battle of Ideas: Race, Class, Gender, and Revolution in Theory and in Practice

Summary: Report to the July 2020 Interim Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization, slightly updated — Editors

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Kieran Durkin

August 18, 2020 Length: 3141 words 1 comments

Erich Fromm and the Revolution of Hope

Summary: Marks the fortieth anniversary of the socialist humanist Erich Fromm’s death. First appeared in Jacobin, here — Editors

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Rocio Lopez

August 16, 2020 Length: 970 words 0 comments

Sabotage of the American Mail

Summary: Trump administration’s sabotage of mail is a sabotage of the elections and is drawing protest — Editors

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Richard Greeman

August 16, 2020 Length: 1358 words 1 comments

COVID: Which side are we on?

Summary: An examination of how class divisions and opposed concepts of freedom underpin the radically divergent approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe and the U.S. — Editors

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Seamus Connolly

August 11, 2020 Length: 2986 words 0 comments

Marxist-Humanism in the Heat of the Present

Summary: Presentation given at the International Marxist-Humanist Organization’s 2020 Convention in July. Discusses the concept of a dialectical and revolutionary humanism and its relevance to the present moment– Editors.

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Amir Javaheri Langaroudi

August 8, 2020 Length: 353 words 0 comments

Iran: 55th day of strike at Haft Tapeh

Summary: Strikers persists in brutal heat but with growing support from other workers — Editors

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Peter Hudis

August 6, 2020 Length: 5199 words 0 comments

The Seeds of Revolution Have Sprouted: What is Now to be Done?

Summary: Based on report to a Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization; discusses how the new turning point reached with movement for Black lives can deepen the development of a viable alternative to capitalism. First appeared in New Politics Online — Editors

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Lilia D. Monzó

August 4, 2020 Length: 6871 words 0 comments

Colonialism, Migration, Pandemic: The Immutable Evidence that Capitalism Is Racist and Misogynist

Summary: People of color, especially women of color, have generally borne the brunt of the human suffering inflicted by capitalism. First appeared in Monthly Review, July-August 2020, here — Editors

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Worker's Camp

July 27, 2020 Length: 604 words 1 comments

Solidarity with Iranian workers at Haft Tappeh Sugar cane factory

Summary: Appeal on behalf of locked out workers whose plant has been privatized and its capital stolen, and who also face state repression. Translated from the Persian by Hamid Vahed — Editors

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Sajjad Talha

July 23, 2020 Length: 680 words 1 comments

Letter from a Kashmiri Marxist

Summary: A Kashmiri Marxist experiences right-wing violence outside his region, Marxist organizing, and then military repression inside Kashmir — Editors

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Kevin B. Anderson

July 22, 2020 Length: 6137 words 0 comments

On the Battle of Ideas: Responding to the New World of COVID-19, Economic Crisis, and Anti-Racist Uprisings

Summary: Adapted from a presentation to the July 2020 Interim Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization — Editors

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