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Peter Hudis

January 2, 2021 Length: 3247 words 1 comments

The Revolutionary Humanism of Frantz Fanon

The philosopher, psychiatrist, and revolutionary militant Frantz Fanon was a key figure in the struggle against European colonialism. Fanon’s innovative thinking on racism and its relationship to class oppression still speaks vividly to the present. First appeared in Jacobin: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2020/12/humanism-frantz-fanon-philosophy-revolutionary-algeria

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Activists in Morocco and Abroad

January 1, 2021 Length: 2015 words 1 comments

Moroccan Historian and Human Rights Activist Arrested

Summary: Protest arrest of Moroccan Marxist historian and human rights activist Maâti Monjib — Editors

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The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

December 22, 2020 Length: 465 words 1 comments

Help Continue the Work of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization

We need your help to continue the work of the IMHO.

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Sushanta D. Roy

December 16, 2020 Length: 1058 words 0 comments

Workers and Farmers of India Highlight the Route Ahead for the Global Left

Summary: Analyses the November 26 and December 8 strikes by 250 million farmers and workers, the largest anywhere in the world — Editors

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Natália de Oliveira

December 15, 2020 Length: 2959 words 0 comments

Crisis and resistance in Brazil: survival strategies as a way to build a new future

Summary: Updated version of presentation to online November 14 mini conference of the IMHO on, “Where do we go from here? Global Revolutionary Perspectives on the Present Moment” — Editors

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Zahoor Ahmad Wani

December 6, 2020 Length: 2911 words 0 comments

Repression and Struggles in India Since 2014

Summary: Updated version of presentation to the IMHO mini-conference of Nov. 14, “Where Do We Go from Here? Global Revolutionary Perspectives on the Present Moment” – Editors

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Ndindi Kitonga

December 2, 2020 Length: 2538 words 0 comments

Where Do We Go from Here? Black Lives Matter as an Ongoing Movement

Summary: Presentation to online November 14 mini conference of the IMHO, “Where Do We Go from Here? Global Revolutionary Perspectives on the Present Moment” — Editors

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Sushanta D. Roy

November 29, 2020 Length: 1338 words 0 comments

Bihar Elections in India: The Route for Resurgence of the Left?

Report from the general election in the state of Bihar, India, focusing on the development on the left – Editors.

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Chris Aquino

November 23, 2020 Length: 1169 words 0 comments

Ballot Measures in the US: A Few Victories Amid Capitalist Counterattacks

Summary: A success in Florida but surprising defeats in “progressive” California – Editors.

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Kevin B. Anderson,
Peter Hudis

November 11, 2020 Length: 1866 words 5 comments

U.S. Election Shows Deep Divisions, with Multiple Dangers Ahead Even If Trump Can Be Made to Leave Office

Summary: Deep contradictions following U.S. election — Editors

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November 1, 2020 Length: 3076 words 0 comments

To understand Marxism, we need to know Marx! Preliminary notes on Marx and Marxism

Summary: This reflection by a worker in Nagpur, India consists of his effort to come to grips with the basic principles of Marx’s thought and its relevance to the current period – Editors

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Political Prisoners

October 31, 2020 Length: 276 words 0 comments

Letter by 72 Political Prisoners in Iran

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Sevgi Doğan

October 29, 2020 Length: 1019 words 0 comments

From Black Lives Matter to Gezi and Rojava

Summary: Questions for the Black Lives Matter uprising in light of the Turkish and Kurdish mass movements and uprisings — and repression — since 2013 — Editors

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Kevin B. Anderson

October 27, 2020 Length: 659 words 0 comments

Thoughts on the U.S. Elections: Threat of the Far Right

Summary: English version of interview with the leftwing Greek weekly Epohi. Greek version first appeared here http://www.epohi.gr/article/37389/kevin-anterson-stoys-repoymplikanoys-ehei-epikrathsei-h-akrodexia-politikh

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Sushanta D. Roy

October 25, 2020 Length: 2400 words 0 comments

Jacindamania and the Aotearoa New Zealand Elections of 2020: Hopes and Potentialities

Summary: The New Zealand elections as a gain and as a limitation for the left — Editors.

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