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Kevin B. Anderson

January 10, 2023 Length: 1010 words 3 comments

Will Joseph Ratzinger’s Grim Legacy Outlive Him?

Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) moved to the right in response to 1968, becoming the Church’s modern Inquisitor, a character with similarities to the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover — Editors

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Jackson Rodrigo

January 9, 2023 Length: 727 words 1 comments

A Student Activist on Hegel, Marx, and Dunayevskaya

A student supporter of the University of California strike comments on Dunayevskaya’s chapter on Hegel and the French revolution in Marxism and Freedom — Editors

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Karel Ludenhoff

January 3, 2023 Length: 1337 words 0 comments

On Philosophy, Revolution, and Communism

Summary: Response delivered at July 2022 Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization to the draft reports of Peter Hudis and Kevin Anderson — Editors

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Raju J. Das,
Robert E. Latham,
Lilia D. Monzó

January 1, 2023 Length: 4718 words 1 comments

Toward a unifying struggle against capitalism, racism, sexism and all forms of oppression

Summary: Raju Das and Robert Latham interview Lilia D. Monzó, author of “A Revolutionary Subject: Pedagogy of Women, of Color and Indigeneity.”

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Lyndon Porter

December 31, 2022 Length: 2072 words 1 comments

Marxism, Feminism, and the Struggles of Black, Latinx, and Other BIPOC Communities

Summary: Based on a presentation to the Los Angeles chapter of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization as part of the class series, “For a Humanist Alternative to Patriarchy and Capitalism” — Editors

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Tòmas MacAilpein

December 30, 2022 Length: 1353 words 0 comments

[Discussion Article] A Libertarian Response to the New Edition of the Critique of the Gotha Program

A Scottish libertarian communist discusses value/nature and the state during the transition to communism — Editors

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December 28, 2022 Length: 2746 words 0 comments

China’s “White Paper” Protests — The Beginning of Mass Struggle

Summary: This report from within China details the “white paper” protests that broke out there in late November—called thusly since many held up blank sheets of paper during the protests in response to the regime’s extreme repression of even the mildest questioning of the system or expression of dissent. – Editors

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Viv Lu

December 9, 2022 Length: 541 words 0 comments

China’s A4 Revolution

Summary: From an overseas student — Editors

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Richard Abernethy

December 4, 2022 Length: 816 words 3 comments

[Book Review] Ukraine: Voices of Resistance and Solidarity

Summary: A review of Ukraine: Voices of Resistance and Solidarity, published by Resistance Books and Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, 2022 – Editors

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December 4, 2022 Length: 81 words 0 comments

[Audio] Intersectional Marxism & the Search for a Humanist Alternative to Capitalism

Summary: Recording of public meeting in London – Editors

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Janet Afary,
Kevin B. Anderson

December 2, 2022 Length: 39 words 0 comments

Woman, Life, Freedom: The Origins of the Uprising in Iran

Summary: The 2022 uprising in the context of a century of struggle for women’s rights in Iran — Editors


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Martha Sonnenberg

December 1, 2022 Length: 6584 words 3 comments

The Imaginative Dialectic in the Novels of Victor Serge

Summary: The legacy of this Franco-Russian anti-Stalinist Marxist resonates today, not only for his clear-eyed analysis of what happened to Russia, but also for his luminous hope for the future, even amid despair. Originally appeared in New Politics (Summer 2022) — Editors

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Rehmah Sufi

November 29, 2022 Length: 1439 words 0 comments

Sindh March in Defense of Moorat and Khwajasira communities in Pakistan

Summary: This report of a march in Pakistan in defense of the moorat and khwajasira community—terms for transgender, intersex, non-binary people—takes place in the context of rising attacks worldwide on these communities as well as new efforts to resist them. For more on these events, see https://youtu.be/Hludo_ks4Hw.

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Louis Dupre

November 25, 2022 Length: 6 words 0 comments

Critique of Louis Althusser

Summary: Because it still speaks to us today, we reprint Louis Dupré’s astute 1971 critique of Althusser’s misreading of Marx. We recently memorialized this philosopher of Marx and Hegel, who also engaged in a lively correspondence with Raya Dunayevskaya, here. – Editors

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