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Peter Hudis

September 3, 2022 Length: 8482 words 0 comments

The War in Ukraine, the Theory of State-Capitalism, and Humanism Today

Summary: Views Ukraine as a turning point that illuminates anew the theory of state-capitalism; also assesses the present moment of the global movement for human liberation against racial, gender, and class oppression and the kind of organization we need — Editors

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Rocio Lopez

September 2, 2022 Length: 1757 words 0 comments

Latin America gives us all reason to have hope!

Latin American victories for reproductive rights and for democratic socialism hold lessons for the whole world, especially the U.S. Based on a presentation to the July 2022 Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization — Editors

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Rodrigo Maiolini Rebello Pinho

September 2, 2022 Length: 2262 words 0 comments

Contradictions of the August 11 Pro-Democracy Demonstration in São Paulo

On the class basis of liberal democracy in Brazil, rooted in super-exploitation, and, at the same time, the need to defend it in the face of authoritarianism — Editors

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Kevin B. Anderson

September 2, 2022 Length: 7422 words 0 comments

Lessons from Marx’s Classic Work, Critique of the Gotha Program, as Seen in Our New Translation — and in Light of What Faces Us Today

On the fascist threat, the war in Ukraine, and Marx’s vision of communism. Based upon a presentation to the July 2022 Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization — Editors

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Ndindi Kitonga

August 28, 2022 Length: 5595 words 0 comments

In A Post-Floyd Era?: Race, Gender, Class, and Black Movements

Summary: Looking ahead and behind two years after the George Floyd Rebellion, based on a presentation to the July 2022 Convention in Chicago of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization — Editors

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Derek Lewis

August 28, 2022 Length: 3295 words 0 comments

Young Workers Spearhead Social Movement in the U.S.

Summary: On the ongoing unionization efforts of Starbucks and Amazon workers. Based on a presentation to the July 2022 Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization — Editors

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Peter Hudis,
William Smaldone

August 27, 2022 Length: 4985 words 1 comments

The Complete Rosa Luxemburg

This January 2022 interview of Peter Hudis conducted by William Smaldone, centering ‘The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg’, was originally published in Against The Current. —Editors

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The gravestone of Karl Marx in North London, England. The gravestone is surrounded by green trees. The gravestone is made of marble and has a bust of Marx carved atop it. Inscribed in gold below the bust are the words "WORKERS OF ALL LANDS UNITE."

Kevin B. Anderson

August 12, 2022 Length: 2485 words 0 comments

No, Karl Marx Was Not Eurocentric

Critics of Marx have accused him of imposing a European model of historical development on the rest of the world. But the real Marx rejected Eurocentric thinking and developed a sophisticated view of world history in all its diversity and complexity.

This article was originally published in Jacobin. — Editors

Portuguese here.
Spanish here.
German here.
Turkish here.

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Commons (The Feminist Initiative Group)

August 4, 2022 Length: 6291 words 0 comments

“The right to resist.” A feminist manifesto

Summary: This Ukrainian feminist manifesto in support of the Ukrainian people has been signed by the Steering Committee of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization – Editors

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Chris James Newlove

July 28, 2022 Length: 1751 words 0 comments

Review of Marxist-Humanism in the Present Moment

Summary: A review of Marxist-Humanism in the Present Moment: Reflections on Theory and Practice in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Black Lives Matter Uprisings. Originally published at the Marx and Philosophy Review of Books on July 3rd, 2022. — Editors

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Lyndon Porter

July 24, 2022 Length: 995 words 0 comments

Black Students Contacted by Deputies More Than Any Other Race in Lancaster

Summary: A young Lancaster local reports on anti-Black police presence in Lancaster schools. — Editors

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Bill Young

June 28, 2022 Length: 2997 words 0 comments

Betting on The Future: Colombians Elect a President & Vice-President from the Left

Summary: Analyzes a breakthrough leftist victory in terms of race, gender, and a history of struggle and repression — Editors

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Richard Abernethy

June 28, 2022 Length: 506 words 0 comments

Britain’s Summer of Strikes

Summary: A three-day strike on the railways – and more strikes to come – in defense of living standards. – Editors

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Kevin B. Anderson

June 20, 2022 Length: 1252 words 0 comments

French Parliamentary Elections: Left Surges, But Neofascists Also Gain Amid Centrist “Neutrality”

Summary: Surge for the French Left amid the failure of the centrists to unite against the neofascists, who also gained — Editors

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Education worker

June 8, 2022 Length: 1274 words 1 comments

US: Unpacking “Safe Schools”

Summary: An education worker’s thoughts on the violence, overt and structural, that permeates the US school system – Editors

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