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Kieran Durkin

November 14, 2023 Length: 1233 words 0 comments

Defending Raya Dunayevskaya’s Intersectional Marxism

Summary: Presented at a panel in London at an IMHO meeting celebrating the paperback edition on the eve of the Historical Materialism Conference –Editors

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Tommy Chen

November 7, 2023 Length: 1588 words 0 comments

Israel-Palestine Conflict on the Campus

Summary: Protesting and debating Israel’s Gaza war at a large U.S. university – Editors

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Sam Friedman

November 5, 2023 Length: 137 words 0 comments

“Shame’s Echo” Poem by Sam Friedman

Summary: A poem relevant to the genocide in Gaza; Previously published in Sam Friedman. Grief and Rage: An American Jew’s Poems on Palestine. Central Jersey Coalition against Endless War. 2015. –Editors

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Sam Friedman

November 5, 2023 Length: 1111 words 0 comments

What a Nurses’ Strike Says About the Meaning of Work Under Capitalism

Summary: The strike has led many of the nurses to discuss the ways that under staffing, paperwork, and the bottom-line efficiency fixation that are inherent in capitalist organizations eat into the quality of care they can give; first appeared in Common Dreams, October 22, 2023 here: https://www.commondreams.org/opinion/nurses-strike-work-capitalism –Editors

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Derek Lewis

October 30, 2023 Length: 2345 words 0 comments

Neo-Fascist Mike Johnson Takes the Speaker’s Gavel

Summary: The rise of the United States’ most inexperienced and reactionary Speaker of the House of Representatives — Editors

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Diane Gündüz

October 29, 2023 Length: 692 words 1 comments

Palestine and Israel: Freedom, but for whom?

Summary: Reflections from Turkey on the war against Gaza — Editors

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Alireza Kia

October 26, 2023 Length: 551 words 3 comments

Clarifying Our Perspectives on Palestine and Israel after October 7

Summary: On several tendencies on the left, especially in Iran and the diaspora — Editors

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Fernando Molnar

October 26, 2023 Length: 1230 words 0 comments

Student Strike at the University of São Paulo Shows Deep Solidarity

Summary: Students fight neoliberal agenda and administrative repression, link up with workers — Editors

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Chinese Student

October 24, 2023 Length: 610 words 0 comments

The Uyghurs and the Palestinians

The oppression of Uyghurs in China compares to that of the Palestinians — Editors

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Derek Lewis

October 24, 2023 Length: 528 words 0 comments

Update on Los Angeles Rallies Supporting the Palestinian People

Summary: The October 21 rally and march drew thousands in downtown Los Angeles — Editors

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Derek Lewis

October 15, 2023 Length: 1244 words 0 comments

Los Angeles Demonstration for Palestine Amidst Rising Fears of Israeli Invasion

Summary: The demonstration of several thousand galvanized support for Palestine — Editors

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Derek Lewis

October 14, 2023 Length: 956 words 0 comments

Ongoing Strikes Show Increasing U.S. Labor Militancy

Summary: Increasing militancy of unions at the leadership and grassroots levels illustrates an increased resolve to resist capital — Editors

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Photo credit to frontcommun.org

Kaveh Boveiri

October 13, 2023 Length: 454 words 0 comments

Front Commun: The Herculean Leap of the Working Class Quebecois

Quebec general strike has become a real possibility. Photo credit to frontcommun.org — Editors

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Sam Friedman

September 18, 2023 Length: 862 words 0 comments

Poems of the Living Dialectic

Summary: A series of 7 poems on the dialectic — Editors

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Lyndon Porter

August 20, 2023 Length: 809 words 0 comments

Record breaking temperatures spell trouble for future of the planet

Summary: Accelerating climate change is a product of the relentless drive for capital accumulation—Editors

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