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Joseph Daher

February 12, 2024 Length: 2895 words 0 comments

Impact of Israeli Genocidal War in Gaza on the Middle East

Summary: As Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon face Israel’s genocidal war on the Palestinians, what are the tasks of the left? Earlier version appeared in Solidarity on January 17, here https://solidarity-us.org/impact-of-israeli-genocidal-war-in-gaza-on-the-middle-east/ — Editors

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Ba Karang

February 12, 2024 Length: 351 words 1 comments

In Solidarity with Senegal: The Ongoing Struggle Against Macky Sall’s Dictatorship

Summary: Movement against dictatorship faces challenges from both regime and opportunistic politicians — Editors

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Rocio Lopez

February 10, 2024 Length: 341 words 0 comments

Russia Admits Aims in Ukraine Similar to Israel’s in Gaza

Summary: Interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reveals affinity with Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinians — Editors

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Chris James Newlove

February 8, 2024 Length: 1258 words 0 comments

Review of Black Marxism

Summary: A critique of Cedric Robinson’s Black Marxism (1983). Originally appeared in Krisis Issue 2, 2018: Marx from the Margins: https://archive.krisis.eu/black-marxism/ — Editors

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S. D. Roy

January 24, 2024 Length: 798 words 0 comments

Behind India’s Attack on the Maldives

Summary: Modi attacks the tiny Maldives nation, in a quest for profit, while stoking Islamophobia and the crassest nationalism — Editors.

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Kevin B. Anderson,
Michael Löwy

January 16, 2024 Length: 23 words 0 comments

[Video] Dialectics & Marxism: Looking at Lukács and Korsch from Today, on the 100th Anniversary of Their Great Works

Summary: This program was established by Turkish Marxists on the 100th anniversary of Lukács “History and Class Consciousness,” and Korsch’s “Marxism and Philosophy” — Editors

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Derek Lewis

January 16, 2024 Length: 1961 words 0 comments

Guatemalan President-elect Bernardo Arévalo, the Movimiento Semilla, and a Tentative Inauguration

Summary: On the inauguration of President Bernardo Arévalo, efforts to halt it, and new stirrings for Indigenous rights and democracy – Editors

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Lyndon Porter

December 28, 2023 Length: 1625 words 1 comments

Argentina’s Shock Therapy: Precipitous Shift to the Right Sparks Protests and Polarization

Summary: Argentina’s new far right libertarian president Javier Milei sparks a wave of opposition by working people in response to austerity measures. – Editors.

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S. D. Roy

December 27, 2023 Length: 798 words 0 comments

India’s Position on the Israel-Gaza War: More than just Islamophobia

Summary: The Indian Government under Narendra Modi has deviated from India’s traditional stand regarding the statehood of Palestine and it is more than just Islamophobia — Editors.

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Eleonora Roldán Mendívil

December 22, 2023 Length: 1564 words 2 comments

The Question of Women Workers, Past and Present

Summary: This is a review of Clara Zetkin: The Women’s and Women Workers’ Question of our Time [https://www.rosapublishing.co.uk/zetkin-women/], translated and introduced by Ben Lewis, which contains a translation of a work by a foremost figure in the European socialist women’s movement of the late 19th and early 20th century. — Editors.

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Kevin B. Anderson

December 13, 2023 Length: 1890 words 1 comments

Two Dialectical Anniversaries, Lukács and Dunayevskaya

Summary: Remarks at an LA IMHO meeting marking the 100th anniversary of Lukács’s History and Class Consciousness and the 50th anniversary of Dunayevskaya’s Philosophy and Revolution — Editors.

Available in Turkish, translated by Yener Çıracı: https://imhojournal.org/articles/iki-diyalektik-yildonumu-lukacs-ve-dunayevskaya/

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Karel Ludenhoff

December 12, 2023 Length: 2750 words 1 comments

Dutch Elections: A Swing to the Right

Summary: The rise of racist, climate-crisis-denying politician Geert Wilders, and the crisis of capitalism in the Netherlands. — Editors.

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Kevin B. Anderson

December 10, 2023 Length: 1812 words 0 comments

Kissinger, Mao and the Undermining of the 1960s Revolutions: Recalling Raya Dunayevskaya’s Prescient Analysis

Summary: Looking back at Kissinger’s opening to China as a counter-revolutionary move, as seen in Raya Dunayevskaya’s writings at the time — Editors

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Richard Abernethy

December 10, 2023 Length: 740 words 1 comments

Strike at Oxfam GB

Summary: At Oxfam GB, a British anti-poverty NGO, workers strike against a fall in the real value of their salaries which means actual poverty for the low-paid. – Editors.

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Lalan Kishor Singh

December 9, 2023 Length: 1014 words 0 comments

We Need to March on India’s Legislature

Summary: This commentary on the state of the Indian labor movement is by a rank-and-file activist in Western India. Along with a letter on the working conditions of security guards in India that was sent to the magistrates of the Supreme Court by a labor activist in Nagpur, India. – Editors.

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