Russia Admits Aims in Ukraine Similar to Israel’s in Gaza

Rocio Lopez

Summary: Interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reveals affinity with Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinians — Editors

It is remarkable that Russia, in a recent interview with top diplomat Sergei Lavrov, admits that what Israel is doing to Palestinians is the same thing they are doing to Ukrainians.

Russia’s foreign minister also pointed out that Netanyahu has refused to criticize Putin since the war started: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not criticized Russia despite the numerous critical statements [about his actions] made around the world and the fact that he is in a serious predicament.”

I believe that the Israeli political leadership views the browning of the US with great worry and that the Israeli right-wing sees Russia as a backup colonial backer. (58% of the US is white according to the 2020 census.)

The Israeli elite is not blind to the writing on the wall that young Americans have little sympathy for Israel and that its golden spoon from the US may end sooner or later. Also, 15%, or over 1 million Israelis are Russian speakers, so the cultural ties are deep with Russia.

The interview Lavrov had with RT clearly lays out the Russian chauvinist worldview of the Russian government, especially about Ukraine. It’s chock full of delusions but it is important to read how these people think.

There was a kernel of truth in how Lavrov shows how Israelis and Russians both hold to the delusional belief that they are fighting Nazis while they slaughter Palestinians and Ukrainians.

As Lavrov states, “We should be very careful about our shared history with Israel, particularly our history of fighting Nazism. This is the main element that unifies us in terms of history. It is a fundamental element of our genetic code, so to speak.”

There has been a massive failure to educate about the role of power in the Holocaust. This is how powerful colonizers of today end up calling the victims of their genocidal attempts Nazis. They argue that having power over their victims is irrelevant and that somehow wealthy nuclear-armed states are in danger of being annihilated by the existence of people who won’t submit to their colonial plans.


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