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Lalan Kishor Singh

April 29, 2023 Length: 568 words 0 comments

Talk from the Heart, Save the Loved Ones—On May Day 2023

Summary: This is a flyer produced by a rank-and-file worker in India in response to the commemoration of May Day.

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S. D. Roy

April 25, 2023 Length: 3288 words 1 comments

‘Modi has the Blood of India on his Hand, We Need Poorna Swaraj [Total Freedom]!’: All Power to the People

Summary: Based on a report from India to the July IMHO Convention, Chicago, July 2022 — Editors

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Derek Lewis

April 18, 2023 Length: 2613 words 0 comments

Florida, A Model for U.S. Fascism

Summary: Discussion of the tendency toward fascism seen in Florida under Governor Ron DeSantis (R), a Republican controlled legislature, and a conservative Supreme Court — Editors

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Jens Johansson

April 17, 2023 Length: 410 words 0 comments

Wildcat Rail Strike in Stockholm

Summary: Wildcat strike vs. job cuts imposed by both right and center left — Editors

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Ndindi Kitonga

April 11, 2023 Length: 3883 words 0 comments

Justice for Edwin Chiloba and Queer feminism in Kenya: An interview with Kenyan feminist, Afrika

Summary: This interview was conducted in response horrific murder of Kenyan LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba. Ndindi Kitonga and Afrika discuss the East African response to Chiloba’s murder, queerphobia in our communities, the creative organizing work of queer feminists across Kenya, and what international solidarity with queer organizers in Africa could mean – Editors

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Sam Friedman,
Peter Hudis

April 11, 2023 Length: 5435 words 0 comments

Dialogue on Marx’s Concept of Organization and its Meaning for Today

Summary: This discussion in February 2023 on the relation between spontaneity, organization and philosophy takes off from the chapter, “Political Organization,” in The Marx Revival, edited by Marcello Musto (Cambridge University Press, 2020) – Editors

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Richard Abernethy

April 10, 2023 Length: 799 words 0 comments

Mass Protests in Israel. What Next?

Summary: A diverse mass movement has confronted Israel’s far-right government, with some temporary success. What are the prospects, for Israelis and Palestinians? — Editors

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Sam Friedman

April 10, 2023 Length: 273 words 1 comments

Two Poems on the Alternative

Summary: Two poems on possible futures and the alternative to capitalism — Editors

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Karel Ludenhoff

April 5, 2023 Length: 2578 words 0 comments

Germany’s Nationwide Strike Reveals Class and Environmental Dimensions

Summary: On the March 28 nationwide warning strike against wage theft and for better working conditions, and on efforts toward joint action with climate activists – Editors

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Kevin B. Anderson

April 4, 2023 Length: 3211 words 0 comments

French Strikes and Popular Mobilizations Continue, Contesting Not Only Retirement Rollback, But Also Police Brutality and Authoritarian Politics

Entering their third month, mass labor mobilizations against increasing the retirement age to 64 are encompassing a wider agenda, and wider social sectors, especially the youth — Editors

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Seamus Connolly

April 4, 2023 Length: 1439 words 0 comments

Biggest Wave of UK Industrial Action in a Decade

The current wave of industrial action that has swept the UK since June of 2022 reached a peak of sorts in 2023, capping off the biggest mobilization in a generation. — Editors

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Shireen Akram-Boshar

April 4, 2023 Length: 2309 words 0 comments

The earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

The tragedy of the earthquake in Turkey and the fault lines of counterrevolution, authoritarianism, racism, and capitalism. Originally appeared in Tempest, Feb. 6, here https://www.tempestmag.org/2023/02/the-earthquake-in-turkiye-and-syria/ — Editors

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Andres Magon-Marmol

April 3, 2023 Length: 2180 words 0 comments

Touchstones for the Struggle Against Capitalism

Summary: Based on presentation to the March 18 conference on our new edition of Marx’s Critique of the Gotha Program — Editors

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Ben Brazelton

March 28, 2023 Length: 3595 words 0 comments

On Kinglets Trapped in Castles—Or, The Moral Atrophy of Daniel Ortega

This criticism of the political degeneration of Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega from the celebrated revolutionary of 1979 to the autocratic dictator of today raises the question of what political and structural factors (in addition to subjective and personal ones) explains why there have been so many unfinished and failed revolutions. — Editors

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Kevin B. Anderson

March 27, 2023 Length: 715 words 0 comments

Los Angeles School Workers Win Victory against Poverty Wages

Massive Los Angeles school strike results in victory by low-paid school workers, with teachers in solidarity — Editors

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