Iranian Regime Is Not a True Friend of the Palestinians

Hamid Vahed

Summary: As we support Palestine, don’t forget Iran’s crackdown on workers, women, and national minorities — Editors

The class struggle in Iran has pulled many workers, retirees, and students to the streets of cities to protest their current situations. In its propaganda, the Islamic Republic authorities call the USA a Great Satan and make their men walk on the US flag, but the real and immediate enemy of the Iranian people is the Islamist government itself.

Inflation is skyrocketing and unemployment is higher than it has ever been in the 46-year history of the Islamist regime. At the same time, the minority elites of the state enjoy a lucrative style of living in their mansions while driving luxury cars in front of the people who are challenged to have a very simple basic life. The hypocritical behavior of the government is so obvious that the supporters of the government are becoming fewer and fewer.

On top of class struggle, the forcing of Islamic Hijab law on women is causing another wave of protests all over the country, this time from women of different social classes. Students, nurses, doctors, teachers, social workers, actors, and artists have shown actively their unhappiness with this new law and decided to take their hijab off. Some well-known actresses like Taraneh Alidoosti have been arrested.

For those who follow Iran’s politics, it was asked why, when inflation is sky high, when President Ebrahim Raisi’s government is unable to show any remedy for these problems, and when there is a military crisis with Israel, does the Islamist regime create a new crisis by forcing Sharia/Hijab law on women? If the Islamist regime feels military threats from its enemies, why make a new internal crisis to create even more dissatisfaction? This week, the Islamic Republic went even further by sentencing the well-known rap singer Toomaj Salehi to death for the supposedly provocative content of his songs, which are said to undermine the stability and security of the regime.

According to regime strategists, the women’s movement against the Hijab law is an action intending to overthrow the regime and should be faced with the same reaction as military engagements.

Is the Islamist regime able to fight against workers, retirees, women, and foreign enemies at the same time? Sooner or later the people on the top will make an arrangement to deal with foreign enemies in order to focus on their suppression of working people, women, and minorities.

If we really feel for the Palestinian people under brutal Israeli occupation and genocide, we should join the worldwide movement for a ceasefire, but at the same we should not ignore the atrocities of the Islamist regime against Iranian people.


Down with Islamist regime

Down with Israeli occupation

For a ceasefire in Gaza

Long live the solidarity of the working people of the world



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