Report-Back on Los Angeles Venezuela Demonstration

Coalition for Peace; Revolution and Social Justice (CPRSJ)

Protesting escalating US imperialist aggression against Venezuela, while also calling for socialist democracy in the face of both US imperialism and an internal turn toward authoritarianism. First appeared on March 20, 2019 on website of Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice (CPRSJ), here – Editors

On Saturday, March 17, members of the Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice (CPRSJ) attended a small ANSWER-dominated rally in downtown Los Angeles against US intervention in Venezuela, as we share the aim of opposing any US imperialist attack or strangulation of that country. Chants from the stage included “Hands Off Venezuela,” but also the more problematic and myopic “Venezuela Is Not Divided,” implying that the entire people is behind the increasingly authoritarian Maduro government.

Our slogans, as seen on the signs in the photo above, emphasized a firm opposition to US imperialism and intervention plans. But, unlike ANSWER, we also stressed that our solidarity is with the people, not the regime, and that we support socialist democracy and accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity everywhere.


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