Stop Trump’s War Threats against North Korea and Iran!

Coalition for Peace; Revolution and Social Justice (CPRSJ)

Summary: This statement on North Korea and Iran by the Los Angeles Coalition for Peace, Revolution and Social Justice (CPRSJ) has been passed out at local peace demonstrations. The International Marxist-Humanist Organization (IMHO) is a founding member of the CPRSJ — Editors

With Trump’s open threats of nuclear annihilation in August, the U.S.-North Korea confrontation has become the greatest threat to world peace.  The U.S. has never recognized the North Korean regime and it was explicitly targeted — alongside Iraq and Iran — in Bush’s infamous 2002 Axis of Evil speech.  Since then, this brutal totalitarian regime has escalated its nuclear program, most recently, launching a missile that could reach Alaska, and threatening to target Guam. Even if the North Korans have not yet miniaturized their nuclear warheads to fit onto a missile, it is conceivable that this will happen in the next few years.  At the same time, the U.S. has targeted North Korean territory with nuclear weapons for decades.  We oppose U.S. imperialism and all other forms of imperialism, militarism, and authoritarian capitalism in East Asia.

An equally dangerous war threat we face is the U.S., the Saudis, their allies, and Israel vs. Iran. Trump has vowed to rip up Iran’s nuclear agreement with the U.S., the UN, and the European Union. Trump also used very bellicose language against Iran during his trip to Saudi Arabia in May. More recently, he has promised to decertify the nuclear agreement in October, which could touch off a real war with Iran. We need to find ways to oppose Trump’s war threats while also supporting democratic and revolutionary movements inside Iran and the region. Iran is a regional power that, with its ally Russia, has intervened brutally against the Syrian people. We oppose the imperialist war threats against Iran and also support the struggles of the peoples of the region against all other forms of imperialism, militarism, authoritarianism and capitalism.

Suggested slogans and banners for peace rallies in LA:
Stop Trump’s War Threats against North Korea and Iran!
Abolish nuclear weapons everywhere, including the U.S., N. Korea, Israel, Russia and China!
Defend the peoples of the Middle East and Asia from war, imperialism, and authoritarian capitalism!
Stop the Russian-Iranian imperialist intervention in Syria! Support Syrians Who Oppose Assad, ISIS and Al-Qaida!
Stop Trump’s Social War on the people of the U.S.!

August 11, 2017

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