Red and Black Friday in Los Angeles

Coalition for Peace; Revolution and Social Justice (CPRSJ)

Summary: Account by Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice (CPRSJ) of demonstration in Los Angeles. Originally appeared HERE  — Editors

On the evening of Friday, November 24 (“Black Friday”), members of the Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice (CPRSJ) carried out a “Red and Black Friday” banner drop at Westfield Mall in Culver City, with slogans about Trump’s war threats and a quote from Socialist Eugene Debs: “The most heroic word in all languages is revolution!” We made a few short speeches for about 7 minutes before security forced us to take down the banners. Meanwhile, other CPRSJ members distributed 200 flyers about Trump, war, and capitalism to the people in the area below where the banners were dropped. Reception was incredibly positive from the largely working-class crowd.

Sponsors of the CPRSJ:

Black Rose/Rosa Negra Los Angeles
Campus Marxist Humanists, UC Santa Barbara
International Marxist-Humanist Organization, West Coast branch
Socialist Party of USA, Los Angeles chapter
Members of Solidarity, a Socialist, Feminist, Anti-Racist Organization





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