Long Live Democratic Uprising in Iran

Committee in Solidarity with the People’s Struggle in Iran

A declaration of support for new and ongoing protests against the Iranian Revolutionary Party — Editors

A new uprising has begun in Iran. Since November 15, 2019, in more than 100 cities, wide protests and demonstrations have spread across the country — first against the sharp increase in gas prices and reduction in petrol subsidies and then quickly thereafter concerning political repression and very corrupt, unjust economic conditions. A combination of corrupt and self-seeking governmental functions, financial sanctions imposed by the U.S., and, subsequently, a sharp reduction in oil sales have resulted in an overwhelming budget deficit that has abruptly worsened economic conditions for the majority of people in Iran.

In spite of a vicious response by security forces, people have been able to occupy and burn some repressive (security/judicial) and financial (banks) governmental institutions. The boycotting of gas purchases and the occupation of streets by numerous protestors and countless cars have had an enormous impact on the regime. Disastrously, hundreds have been killed so far and thousands injured or imprisoned by state securities. Most of the slogans of the protesters are directed against dictatorship, particularly Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the unelected supreme leader of the reactionary Islamic Republic of Iran.

Pro-justice and freedom-seeking people in Iran know that they are not alone. People of neighboring countries and throughout the world stand in solidarity with each other in their common struggle for democracy and social justice. People are not scared of the regime’s suppressive acts and want to pursue their legitimate rebellious movement to a victorious democratic revolution, and the establishment of democracy and social equality. Let’s support the people’s struggle for freedom and justice in Iran.


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