For Freedom & Democracy in Iran

Committee in Solidarity with the People’s Struggle in Iran

Statement of the Committee in Solidarity with the People’s Struggle in Iran – Chicago

The regime of the Islamic Republic, fearing the eruption of mass protests and challenges to its existence, has again intensified its barbaric detentions, tortures and executions.

In the 1980s the regime murdered thousands of dissidents and political prisoners. Today it again wants to stifle people’s resistance by repeating some of the same kinds of criminal acts.

In recent weeks it executed two political prisoners, Arash Rahmanipour and Ali Zamani, who had been arrested prior to the start of the mass demonstrations following the presidential election on June 2009. They were tortured and under duress “confessed” to having ties to western agencies and advocating violent actions against the state.

The hard-line clerical rulers did not even hesitate to praise the act of execution on their famous Friday prayer sermon. As of now, at least nine others have been charged with the “capital crime” of Moharebeh (war against God) and actions against the security of the country. Undoubtedly they have been tortured and are in danger of execution.

On this anniversary of the Feb 11, 1979 revolution, which the majority of Iranians celebrate the initial ideals of freedom, independence and social justice promised by it, we condemn the repressive and criminal actions perpetrated by the Islamic Republic. We ask of all who are concerned about humanity to denounce the violations of human rights in Iran, raise their voice against theocratic tyranny and support the people of Iran–workers, women, students, national minorities and others–in their struggle for freedom, democracy and social justice.


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