Stand for Labor and Human Rights in Iran

Iranian Left Committee; Chicago

Summary: On repression of Iranian workers and other social activists — Editors

In Iran, the Islamic Republic rules with outmost repression and people are denied even the basic democratic rights. Social movements, among them active workers, women, students, human rightists, environmentalists, pro-national rights, teachers, nurses and many segments in the population struggle against state tyranny and for freedom and justice. But given the extremely despotic nature of the regime, clampdown, jailing and tortures of dissidents constantly continues.

In recent weeks workers have intensified their protests in many industrial facilities such as Haft Tapeh, Ahvaz Steel Industry and Hapco. Among issues they raise are absence of on time payment, lack of job security and particularly state prevention of independent labor organizations. At the moment, many labor and social activists are imprisoned under the accusation of “action against national security” and “cooperation with adversary groups”.

Among the recent activists who have got harsh prison sentences are workers and journalists, including Ismaeil Bakhshi, Sepide Gholian, Amir Hossein Mohamadi Fard, Asal Mohamadi, Sanaz Alhayari, Amir Amir Gholi and Mohamad Khnifar. The Islamic Republic of Iran increasingly suppresses protestors, mainly because it is afraid that an expanded revolutionary people’s movement will develop out of solidarity between the dissenting labor and other activists in social movements. The case of brave “dokhtare abi” (the blue girl) in which Sahar Khodayar, the girl arrested participating in soccer stadium, who self-immolated herself to death in September 9; obviously contributed to more cooperation for freedom, among Iranian people.

Iran needs a total democratic change in its socio-political structure. Let’s condemn the ongoing repression by the Islamic Republic and fight for basic civil and labor rights in the country. A solid demand that is crucial throughout the world and also in Iran is political prisoners must be released.

Please raise your rage about atrocities and act for democracy in Iran.  One way is to notify independent pro freedom and pro justice groups. Another is to inform the office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human right (OHCHR), phone: +256-417-300-300, Fax +256-414-354-130, Email:  [email protected] or[email protected]

Long Live Freedom and Justice in Iran and the world!


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