Release Iranian Labor Activist Reza Shahabi!

Summary: Demands release of an Iranian labor activist whose medical condition has deteriorated — Editors

(Persian Translation)

Reza Shahabi, one of the leaders of the Tehran Bus Workers Union, is in very bad condition in prison. According to his wife, part of his face is deformed after two strokes. He is in need of urgent hospitalization and the type of care that his doctor has recommended and insisted upon, against the wishes of prison authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iranian authorities hold Shahabi in prison despite the fact that his sentence ended on August of 2017.

This shows how much the regime is afraid of the workers movement and its united struggle against capitalism.

The policy of the Islamic Republic towards the workers’ movement is to imprison its leaders and kill them gradually. That is what happened to Shahrokh Zamani and Mohammad Jarahi. These two were among the best-known leaders of the Iranian workers. Shahrokh died in prison and Muhammad died shortly after his release.

If the progressive unions and political parties around the world had not demanded the release of another workers leader, Mahmoud Salehi, he would have met the same fate.

We demand that the Islamic Republic release Reza Shahabi immediately. We should contact all progressive unions and political parties and ask them to put pressure on the Iranian regime.

In Defense of Iranian Workers
Los Angeles



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