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Kamal Abbas

February 20, 2011 Length: 467 words 0 comments

Egyptian Workers to Wisconsin Workers: “We Stand with You as You Stand with Us”

We link to this statement of solidarity by Egyptian trade unionist Kamal Abbas in support of the Wisconsin workers demonstrating against Governor Scott Walker’s attempted union busting.

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Lamis Andoni

February 11, 2011 Length: 54 words 0 comments

The Resurrection of Pan-Arabism

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Kaveh Boveiri

February 9, 2011 Length: 1357 words 3 comments

On Egypt: A Bit Too Late, Boss!

Written in diary form as the Mubarak regime was teetering, this article by a participant in the demonstrations in Toronto in support of the Egyptian revolution reflects on the nature of revolution, today and in the past – Editors

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Paulo Morel

February 4, 2011 Length: 842 words 0 comments

Egypt: The Times Are Changing

The Egyptian upheaval, along with a smaller one in Mexico, signals the dawn of a new era of revolution, after decades of neoliberal hegemony – Editors.

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Dale Parsons

January 27, 2011 Length: 1564 words 0 comments

Apocalypse…. Now?

The violent language of the far right, rooted in Christian fundamentalism, has demonized the left and the antiwar movement. It is seen here as part of a battle of ideas in defense of capital – Editors

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Dale Parsons

January 14, 2011 Length: 1553 words 1 comments

Retrogression at Heart of Tucson Arizona shooting

The January 8, 2011 shooting rampage in Tucson, Arizona was instigated by years of hateful, racist speech and action on the part of the Right, despite denials from the Right and obfuscation in the mainstream media. If the American people respond properly to this outrage, however, it could forestall the rightward trend in the U.S.  – Editors

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Peter Hudis

December 29, 2010 Length: 745 words 1 comments

Korea: Pawn of the Superpowers (a response to Richard Greeman’s “Danger of War Over Korea”)

The intensifying tensions between North Korea and the U.S. calls for a historical re-examination of the roots of the present situation, in light of the conflict between the two poles of world capital that dominated the post-World War II era – Editors

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Richard Greeman

December 22, 2010 Length: 2019 words 1 comments

Discussion: Danger of War Over Korea

The current confrontation over Korea can only be understood in the historical context of a century of imperialism, war, and resistance – Editors

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Peter Hudis

December 15, 2010 Length: 2493 words 1 comments

Dialectics of Economic Turbulence

The new political reality introduced by the Republicans’ advances in the U.S. mid-term elections, along with the ongoing global economic crisis, calls upon radical thinkers and activists to reconsider their response to capitalism’s drive for unending austerity measures. Originally presented at a panel on “Marxism Beyond the Boundaries,” sponsored by the Hobgoblin Online Journal and the International Marxist-Humanist Organization, London, November 11, 2010 – Editors

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David Black

December 15, 2010 Length: 1319 words 2 comments

On Hegel, Rosa Luxemburg and Marxist-Humanism

On Hegel’s Dialectic of the “Beautiful Soul” in the French Revolution and the question of  “ethical reality” in the political philosophies of Rosa Luxemburg, Raya Dunayevskaya and Gillian Rose; originally presented at a panel on “Marxism Beyond the Boundaries,” sponsored by the Hobgoblin Online Journal and the International Marxist-Humanist Organization, London, November 11, 2010  – Editors

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Heather Tomanovsky

December 14, 2010 Length: 2423 words 0 comments

Marx, Gender, and Human Emancipation

Marx’s writings on gender and the family are significantly more substantial and more valuable than is usually acknowledged.  Marx showed considerable insight into the gender relations of his own time, pointing to the need for a total transformation of society that would necessarily involve new relations between men and women, albeit with some problematic elements as well.  – Editors

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Anton Evelynov

November 24, 2010 Length: 1894 words 0 comments

US Midterm Elections Spell a Need For a Radically Different Left Politics

The US midterm elections illustrate the rise of rightwing politics, in the US an abroad, while the left has failed to develop a systematic critique of capitalism – Editors

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Jorge Buzaglo

November 23, 2010 Length: 885 words 0 comments

Discussion: The Long March of Human Liberation: 21st Century Socialism

In the face of capitalist barbarism, socialists need to conceptualize an emancipatory alternative to alienation and exploitation, rooted in Marx’s writings and contemporary experience. – Editors

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Salome Lee

October 23, 2010 Length: 1130 words 1 comments

October 7 Day of Action at University of California

Protests at University of California, Santa Barbara over soaring costs of an education were part of an international day of action by students around the world. – Editors

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