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Greg Burris

October 28, 2011 Length: 3542 words 0 comments

Between Barbarisms: The Arab Spring, Marx, and the Idea of Revolution

An assessment of the Arab Spring half a year later, in light of (1) the “clash of barbarisms” between the U.S. and Al Qaeda, (2) Marx’s concept of revolution, and (3) the possibilities for a revolutionary future – Editors

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Richard Abernethy

October 23, 2011 Length: 2522 words 0 comments

Red Rosa and the Arab Spring

The revolutionary movements of the year 2011, above all in the Arab countries, and the life and thought of Rosa Luxemburg, are connected. Presented at the Anarchist Book Fair, London – Editors

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Salome Lee

October 22, 2011 Length: 3144 words 2 comments

Until We Are All Abolitionists: Marx on Slavery, Race, and Class

Marx’s writings on slavery, race, and class in relation to capital are examined in light of critics who paint him as a class reductionist with little awareness of or sensitivity to race – Editors

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Sam Friedman

October 9, 2011 Length: 370 words 0 comments

Occupy Wall Street: The October 5 Demonstration

The October 5 demonstration in New York, when labor unions and community organizations came out to support Occupy Wall Street, produced one of the largest turnouts to date of the Occupy Wall Street movement  – Editors

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Sam Friedman

October 7, 2011 Length: 180 words 0 comments

Two Poems on Occupy Wall Street

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The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

September 30, 2011 Length: 258 words 0 comments

Greetings to the Iranian Left Alliance Abroad

This statement on behalf of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization was presented by Ali Reza on September 30, at the beginning of the Third Conference of the Iranian Left Alliance Abroad, Montreal, Canada – Editors

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Chris Cutrone,
Peter Hudis,
Jacqueline Rose

September 10, 2011 Length: 3864 words 3 comments

Did Rosa Luxemburg Take Back Her Critique of the Russian Revolution?

The following comments on whether Luxemburg took back her 1918 critique of the Russian Revolution are in response to The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg (Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg Vol. I). The original debate on Principia Dialectica, was entitled ‘More on Bolshevik censorship’ – Editors

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Yassin Ali Haj Saleh

August 14, 2011 Length: 2811 words 0 comments

The Syrian “Common”: The Uprising of the Working Society

A Syrian protestor assesses the social content of the revolt and the possibility of its moving beyond the demand for political transformation and toward a wider socio-economic revolution, while also critiquing the narrow forms of anti-imperialism that have plagued the Arab Left. This article first appeared in English in Jadaliyya – Editors

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David Black

August 10, 2011 Length: 1616 words 0 comments

‘No Justice, No Peace’ and Blood and Flames on England’s Streets: 1981, 1985 and 2011

The explosion of rage and revolt on the streets of British cities, recalls the dramatic “uprisings” of the 1980s. The author, a resident of the riot-hit London Borough of Haringey, looks at what has changed and why it matters – Editors

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Ba Karang

August 9, 2011 Length: 1437 words 0 comments

The Oslo Massacre and the ‘Reasoning’ of the Far Right

In the aftermath of the Massacre in Norway, Norwegian-African Ba Karang examines the ideological strands of the Far Right in the thinking of Anders Breivik. – Editors

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Peter Hudis

August 8, 2011 Length: 3046 words 1 comments

Comments on ‘What more could we want of ourselves!’, Jacqueline Rose’s review of The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg

In responding to Rose’s review in London Review of Books Hudis discusses Luxemburg’s differences with Lenin, her writings on imperialism and indigenous communal social forms, and her worldview as both “open” and “single-minded.” Originally appeared on the Verso Books authors’ blog, June 21, 2011– Editors.

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Dale Parsons

August 7, 2011 Length: 1669 words 0 comments

Labor at the Crossroads

The capitulation on the part of Obama and the Democrats to the far-Right agenda of the Republicans in the latest battle over raising the deficit ceiling raises the issue of whether capitalism is undermining its own conditions of existence. — Editors.

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Kelly Green

August 6, 2011 Length: 7070 words 1 comments

Technology, Labor, and the Transcendence of Capital: Revisiting the Marcuse-Dunayevskaya Debate

In the 1960s and 1970s, Herbert Marcuse and Raya Dunayevskaya developed differing responses to the new stage of capitalist production represented by automation. – Editors

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Eli Messinger

August 5, 2011 Length: 1381 words 0 comments

Review of Richard Greeman’s Beware of Vegetarian Sharks

Veteran socialist Greeman’s book collects his essays on the radical movement, as well as biographical and theoretical reflections. – Editors

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Eli Messinger

August 4, 2011 Length: 6126 words 0 comments

Review of Slavoj Zizek et al., Lenin Reloaded

This review of one of the few recent books devoted to Lenin’s thought – with much discussion of dialectics — is particularly timely now that Lenin Reloaded is appearing in Spanish, Turkish, and other languages. – Editors.

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