Greetings to the Iranian Left Alliance Abroad

The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

This statement on behalf of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization was presented by Ali Reza on September 30, at the beginning of the Third Conference of the Iranian Left Alliance Abroad, Montreal, Canada – Editors

Congratulations on your third conference in Montreal.  We hope that you will be successful in mobilizing the Iranian left abroad to struggle against the reactionary Iranian regime and imperialism.

At this time, the world capitalist system is in disarray, and as Marx predicted, the capitalist production system is destroying itself from within. We witness global unemployment, and in our view, the massive numbers of unemployed workers have the potential to be the gravediggers of the system. We need to concretize Marx’s critique of capital and his vision of a truly free society for today, and aim to create a concept of social reproduction in order to be freed from both “free market” capitalism and the state-capitalism that called itself “communism.”

It is important to develop a socialist perspective for today, in order to go beyond liberalism or social democracy. A genuine socialist perspective is important in order for struggles and organizations that seek to go beyond capitalist value production can have a direction.  Therefore, in our view, the Iranian Left Alliance is very significant, in that it goes beyond the Islamic regime and imperialism.

The past several years’ experience by the Iranian movement, and the movements in Arab countries in this year’s Arab Spring, are indications that political freedom is an inseparable part of economic emancipation. There is no shortcut to liberation. The struggle for bread, freedom and democracy should go hand and hand.

Our organization welcomes a new and pro-active dialogue of collaboration with you.

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