[Audio] Rosa Luxemburg’s Legacy

Peter Hudis,
Sasha Lilley

Peter Hudis is interviewed by Sasha Lilley on “Against the Grain,” KPFA-FM (Pacifica Radio), San Francisco on the ideas and legacy of revolutionary thinker and leader Rosa Luxemburg. Based upon the Letters of Rosa Luxemburg (2011), edited by Hudis, Laschitza, and Adler. 1 hour  — Editors


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1 Comment

  1. Paul R.

    Thanks to Peter Hudis for his enlightening coverage of the life, ideas, and current political relevance of Rosa Luxemburg, especially regarding her theory of imperialism and her insights into democracy in socialist organizations. Within the one-hour format of this radio interview, Hudis has managed to combine accessibility and depth.

    Special thanks to Hudis for pointing me to Luxemburg’s “Credo: On the State of Russian Social Democracy”, translated into English for the first time in “The Rosa Luxemburg Reader”, edited by Peter Hudis and Kevin Anderson. “Credo” is a work of masterful political analysis, with a present-day relevance which will resonate for many who have experienced left-wing politics from the inside.