The Crisis—October 6, 2018

Sam Friedman

How many rapists
sit robed in our courts?
How many abusers
strut sated in Senates?
How many centuries
have prick-wielders reigned?
How many lives
have these ruling thugs ruined?

Why should we respect
whatever they say?
Why would a jury
not scoff at their rules?
Isn’t contempt of the courts
and their judges deserved?

How can we topple
their slave Constitution?
How can we salvage
a world we can live in?
What revolutions . . .
what new institutions . . .
what must we do now?

What must we do?


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1 Comment

  1. Sollie

    As sex objects, women are treated as things, as commodities. Commodities include money, slaves (including sex slavery/dependent unfreedom – inability to self-determine your life and labour in free association as they are fettered & dependent on a confining dominator master-lord-patriarch-boss) and labour which is bought as a thing, like cotton or rubber or coal, as the ingredients for different kinds of factory production, (predominantly young and female in areas of the greatest exploitation which bourgeois economy calls ‘growth’. In a recent early am BBC debate on the causes of the 2008 economic crash, liberal intellectuals admitted, in one sentence, that the only solution to recovery, to get new ‘growth’, was to get more out of wage-slaves for less – wage slavery is deepened by racial and imperialist forced dependency too – deepens it and divides & rules us as fascists like Mosely promoted and desired).

    What we must do? Read chapter one of Capital with a good dictionary to hand, slowly in your own time.

    Taking our own time & going at our own pace of labour within intellectual work is vital in the struggle against the system that can grind in women’s faces, sexual violence as so-called ‘justice’, in the grubby sick-minded hands of the most powerful nation’s chief knob-headed, wooden-headed judge.

    Capitalism works according to the socially necessary labour-time it takes to produce each useful commodity. This is the iron law of a system which both seeks maximum profits and constantly revolutionises capitalist production methods to reduce costs eg of labour-time.
    All commodities within bourgeois economics are priced according to their cost of production, including labour, but this later commodity is unique in that it is not a fixed material without a mind as this so-called science treats it. A social power struggle between capitalists and workers is always in play from worker’s control to concentration camps and gulags.

    Wages are the going rate for a particular kind of useful labour agreed at contract, but as soon as the worker steps into the Chinese, Taiwan or Indian factory, this agreed amount of money for so-much labour-time, is no longer in play. What counts now is to force, threaten, intimidate and harass the workers to give the maximum amount of unpaid free labour-time in the form of profit to the controllers of production whether these be managers in a state controlled industry or a cabal of private capitalists who make agreements on prices and wages behind workers & democrats’ backs.

    In the UK the ruling class is split over Brexit and membership of the European Community both aiming for control over different networks of organised capitalism – our voices mostly unheard &/or crushed eg by increasingly unlivable conditions of life whether working or not, housed or not with rents taking an ever bigger slice of income – a less direct way exploitation of labour.

    To divide us, Brexit is seen 1-sidedly as Rightist and racist becauce Nationalist, rather than a desire for democratic control by the working-class and the disadvantaged eg the homeless who slowly die and simply disappear unrecorded. Some portray Europe in this context as a New World Order akin to a new Medievalism, ignoring its East-West Roman Empire split, and defending murdering Ba’athist regimes. (see Fotopoulos, Morning Star, 15/10/’18) V G Kiernan in “Crisis in Europe 1560-1660” seems more accurate when he describes the transition from feudalism to capitalism as a new form of management, from the dialectical inter-locking chains of lord-serf, to a more scientific version of boss-worker. The man-woman form of slavery has existed since the dawn of recorded history as Homer reveals in his description of Helen as war booty over which the argument begins and war ensues.

    We are too often presented with false oppositions that mislead and confuse: Europe as a Rightist community of undemocratic non-tax paying corporations or nationalism as xenophobic, anti-immigrant racism; state or private capitalism – as in Egypt, the electorate was presented with a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea – Western, state- militarised capitalism or a Brotherhood based on religion which denies free creative thought.

    The struggle is both within each of us as concepts and ways of seeing which always questions and criticises freely and peacefully, aswell as activity in writing – finding words for the unexpressed, silent majority as you do in your poetry – strikes against unlivable wages, demonstrations against war and famine as in Yemen today and new forms of HUMAN RELATIONS, free and equal and liberating.

    In Solidarity