For the People of Eastern Ghouta, Syria

Zachary Medeiros

Summary: Call for solidarity with those targeted by the Assad regime and its allies Iran and Russia, especially on the part of those on the left who have supported the Afrin Kurds against Turkey’s attack. First published by the Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice  — Editors

In Eastern Ghouta, people are dying. Only a stone’s throw away from the seat of Bashar al-Assad’s regime and the luxury hotels of UN officials, they are dying in the hundreds. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Doctors Without Borders, the Syrian-American Medical Society, and residents and activists on the ground, nearly 600 people, including over 100 children, have been killed since February 18 alone. At least 2,100 have been injured, and nearly all of the hospitals and clinics in the area have been targeted, with most now out of commission. Despite the heroic work of the doctors, nurses, and other medical workers still serving this besieged community of 400,000, they lack the supplies and manpower to fully cope with the resurgent violence. These words and cold statistics cannot come close to expressing the horrors the people of Eastern Ghouta have been forced to endure: years of siege, starvation, shelling and bombardment, and the worst chemical massacre in the history of the war.

Zachary Medeiros is a member of the Socialist Party.

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  1. Paul Rubner

    Many thanks for posting this recent statement from the Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice.
    I thoroughly endorse the call “to hear the voices of the people of Ghouta and all of besieged and oppressed Syria, and respond to their demands”, and I support the demands to: “Stop the bombing. End the sieges. Free all political prisoners. Send humanitarian aid convoys to those who need it now. Support grassroots Syrian organizations, like the local councils and women-led groups still active in the city of Douma today.”
    As someone actively involved in Rojava Solidarity (Sydney) who “oppose[s] the Turkish-led assault on the Kurds in Afrin, I thoroughly agree it is extremely important “to oppose the Assadist attacks on Ghouta and elsewhere in equal measure.” And, yes: “A democratic Syria must be democratic for all Syrians.”

    Solidarity with the people of Afrin and Ghouta!



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