Demanding an Investigation and Impartial Hearing on the Lynching at the Miami (Indiana) Correctional Facility

Khalfani Malik Khaldun

This is an update in the struggle of Khalfani Malik Khaldun, a Black political prisoner, whose safety and life and is in serious jeopardy due to actions of the Indiana Department of Corrections. For regular updates and information on how to send messages of support on his behalf, go to:

It is important to pay attention to the names, places of employment, and job positions of the following individuals who are connected to the measures being employed against me by the Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC).

  1. Mr. Ryan Carter: Employed by IDOC and assigned to work investigations (DII) at the Miami Correctional Facility (MCF). Mr. Carter conducted a full investigation of Khalfani Malik Khaldun (Leonard McQuay, #874304) for an A-102 Battery Charge (case MCF 22-01-0321). Mr. Ryan’s “Report of Investigation” clearly states: “Leonard McQuay punches once, slightly dazing Zachary Bonta and is then secured inside his cell.” His investigation ends at that point. He files the Conduct Report and turns it over to the disciplinary screening officer, S. Melanson, for processing. She screens Khalfani Malik Khaldun for his battery against an offender on February 16, 2022. Khalfani pleads not guilty, requests his evidence, and does not wave his 24-hour issue. The hearing was set for February 17, 2022.
  1. T. Carter: Employed by IDOC and assigned to work at MCF. She is currently the disciplinary hearing officer for general population here at MCF. On February 17, 2022, she found me guilty on the charge of A-102 battery with serious bodily injury.
  1. The Investigation: On December 23, 2022, I was forced to take one punch at a prisoner, Zachary Bonta. I was told that the punch never actually landed, but it could have partially, leaving him dazed a bit, as reported by Investigator Ryan Carter in his report. On December 23, Investigator Carter did attempt to interview me with my cellmate. However, we both declined his invitation that day. Two prisoners did get called out to talk, one Black, one white. Our housing unit stayed on lockdown because of this incident for 30 days. Once Ryan Carter’s investigation was over, S. Melanson began to screen prisoners. While sitting in my cell on February 16, 2022, she served me my charge. The next day T. Carter, the hearing officer, found me guilty and simply walked away. She wanted me locked down in RHU (solitary confinement) right away.
  2. Shortly after my hearing, they had me pack all my property. Once I was done the officers escorted me to RHU-cell R-410. Once secured in my cell, I felt like a trapped animal in a cage. It was real bad. I looked around and said to myself, this is a shock to human psychology. During the first few days I experienced a lot of anxiety and depression. Then my body adjusted. If muscle has memory, then it appears my brain reacted to the shock of this oppressive/repressive environment—just as it did from 1994 to 2014 when I was held in solitary at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. My release to general population in 2014 was like going home finally. I am man enough to admit it was an emotional moment—for me, but most importantly for my family, supporters, and friends who took that 20-year ride with me.


The Facts Show I Did Not Have an Impartial Hearing

The incident and cause in this matter (of case MCF-22-01-0321) happened on December 23, 2021 inside the I-Housing Unit, which houses 300 to 400 prisoners. Sgt. T. Carter is the DHB hearing office and wife of investigator Ryan Carter. On February 17, 2022, she stopped me in front of my cell and said she was there to conduct my disciplinary hearing. A conflict of interests exists here in the process of a husband and wife team who work in conjunction with each other to ensure a desired result. Ryan Carter prepared my conduct report and his wife enforced it by ensuring that I was found guilty and assigned to solitary confinement, in an extremely repressive restricted housing unit. This despite the fact that it has been documented that any further confinement would damage my mental health. I am most definitely not a mental health specialist, but I assume from such reports that any additional segregation would be harmful. Yet today I am sitting in RHU with 180 days to complete my punishment. I was given an excessive amount of sanctioned punishments that are apparently aimed at teaching me a lesson. They have charged me with $100,000 in medical restitution. I am duty bound to challenge and contest this outrageous medical restitution.

Before all of this occurred, my life was on the fast track towards transitioning towards freedom. A week prior to December 23, 2021, my lawyers and I negotiated a settlement agreement that sought to have me transferred to New Castle Correctional Facility so as to enter two programs—RWI, Recovery While Incarcerated, and the PLUS program. Both would reduce time from my sentence, which I have spent years trying to get so that I may pursue a sentence modification which would send me home much earlier. This has been my plan of operation for five years in the making. The battery charge against me has altered my hopes to be released at a prescribed time.

The way this case has ended has all the hallmarks of me being made the fall guy, with a $100,000 restitution charged against me with no explanation as to how they came up with this amount. They did not produce a single medical report or bill to justify it. The actions of the Internal Affairs Department, Ryan Carter, and his wife T. Carter, make it necessary to fight this effort to target me.

This is a case of political lynching that took place on December 23, 2021. I am writing this missive to give you a more detailed description of the facts. You have now heard my struggle and my cries. Power to the People who don’t fear Freedom.

Khalfani Malik Khaldun (Leonard McQuay, 874304)

Miami Correctional Facility, 3038 W. 850 St.

Bunker Hill, IN 46914-9810


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