Dark-e Marks az badil-e sarmayeh dari: Barresi-ye asari jadid az Peter Hudis

An Iranian Intellectual

Summary: This article, “Dark-e Marks az badil-e sarmayeh dari:  Barresi-ye asari jadid az Peter Hudis”  [Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism:  Examining a New Work by Peter Hudis] discusses Hudis’s Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism.  It originally appeared on the Iranian website Critique of Political Economy and can be accessed HERE.

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Contents of the article: Hudis and the range of his study are introduced, including his views on  “objectivist” and “subjectivist” tendencies within Marxism, as well as on Tony Smith and Raya Dunayevskaya; Part 1: What is value and where does it come from?; Part 2: How can the production of value be transcended?; Part 3: Free Individuality or human power not as a means but  as an end in itself; Part 4: Is there a relationship between Hegel’s dialectic of negativity and the transcendence of capital?; Conclusion:  On Hudis’s view that  Marx had critical concepts and suggestions that could help future generations work out a coherent alternative to capitalism;   Also on Marx as a philosopher who created a foundation for uniting objectivity and subjectivity.

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