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Los Angeles Women of Color and Indigeneity: A Revolutionary Subject for Women’s History Month

Feminist, Marxist, and humanist theory serve to connect the need to uproot capitalism with the equally necessary uprooting of racism, sexism, and heterosexism.  In this regard, we need to bring in the writings, life experiences, and struggles of Women of Color and Indigenous Women, from the barrios and ghettoes of the Americas to other sites of revolutionary ferment, from France to China and from Russia to Rojava.  How can we as Marxist-Humanists help sustain and deepen the critical consciousness of some of today’s most important movements for revolution and social justice?

Lilia D. Monzo teaches at Chapman University, where she uses Marxist-Humanist and decolonial approaches to confront capitalism and imperialism, racism, and the hyper-exploitation of women of color, while envisioning a socialist alternative. She has published in such journals as POSTCOLONIAL DIRECTIONS IN EDUCATION and TRUTHOUT. Author of A REVOLUTIONARY SUBJECT: PEDAGOGY OF WOMEN OF COLOR AND INDIGENEITY (in press).

Directions: Near Chinatown stop on Gold Line, parking on street or paid lot next to gas station at College and Hill St.

Sponsored by West Coast Chapter, International Marxist-Humanist Organization More information: [email protected]