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Zoom Where to Begin? Growing Seeds of Liberation in a World Torn Asunder

Speakers: Jens Johannsen and Damian Algabre

Part of a series on our current moment, we will take our exploration to an international level with issues like:

  • How profound is the shock delivered to global politics and economics by the spread of the coronavirus?
  • Where are new movements challenging capitalism and where will the next revolts happen?
  • How can we develop a conscious awareness of a genuine alternative to existing society?

Jens Johansson is a former mineworker and a student activist in Sweden

Damian Algabre is a Los Angeles resident who writes on capitalism, racism, queer culture, and Marxism.

Suggested reading: The presentations will connect to this article, for which Johansson was a coauthor:


The password is 528892.

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