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Chicago What is Democratic Socialism? What is Socialist Democracy?

Leading the discussion: Alireza, Iranian writer

As a new generation of activists seeks to develop a viable alternative to capitalism, the specter of failed efforts to create a socialist society—both in the past and present—looms large. This specter cannot be simply willed away, since it is objectively rooted in 100 years of radical theory and practice that either emphasized democratic liberties at the expense of a revolutionary uprooting of capitalism or reduced “socialism” to authoritarian state control that suppresses democracy. Envisioning and forging a truly democratic socialism and a socialist democracy has proven to be an extremely fraught and difficult project. In light of this, it becomes important to explore theoretical sources that provide direction for working out a truly revolutionary democratic socialism for our times.

The International Marxist-Humanist Organization Journal of the same title will be the point of departure. See