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Brooklyn, NY Marx at 200: Capital, Class, and More

September 6, 2018
6:30 PM

The Commons
388 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Sponsored by the Marxist Education Project

Suggested sliding scale donation $6/$10/$15 (no one turned away for inability to pay)

As we mark Marx’s 200th anniversary, it is clear that the emancipation of labor from capitalist alienation and exploitation is a task that still confronts us.  Marx’s concept of the worker is not limited to European white males, but includes Irish and Black superexploited and therefore doubly revolutionary workers, as well as women of all races and nations.  But his research and his concept of revolution go further, incorporating a wide range of agrarian noncapitalist societies of his time, from India to Russia and from Algeria to Indigenous peoples of the Americas, often emphasizing their gender relations.  In his last, still partially unpublished writings, he turns his gaze eastward and southward. In these regions outside Western Europe, he finds important revolutionary possibilities among peasants and their ancient communistic social structures, even as these are being undermined by their formal subsumption under the rule of capital.  In his last published text, he envisions an alliance between these non-working-class strata and the Western European working class.

Kevin B. Anderson is a Professor of Sociology, Political Science, and Feminist Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara. He has worked in social and political theory, especially Marx, Hegel, Marxist humanism, the Frankfurt School, Foucault, and the Orientalism debate. Among his most recent books are Foucault and the Iranian Revolution: Gender and the Seductions of Islamism (with Janet Afary, 2005) and Marx at the Margins: On Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Non-Western Societies (2010/2016), both published by University of Chicago Press. He is active in LA in the International Marxist-Humanist Organization and in the Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice.