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Los Angeles Iran 2018: Facing a Poor People’s Uprising and Deadly Threats from Trump’s USA

Sunday, January 21
6:15-8:00 PM

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801 East Fourth Place (Arts District)
Los Ángeles
(Free parking in lot across the street on Hewitt St. by the Aztec calendar)

Speakers: Ali Kiani, Iranian Marxist thinker and translator, with a comment by Mansoor M., Iranian cultural worker.

Trump’s war threats against Iran over the past six months, backed by Saudi Arabia and Israel, have brought the region closer toward a major war. Inside Iran, a working-class revolt has just shaken the system, challenging not only the Principalists (hardliners) but also the Reformists.  The uprising, centered in marginalized rural areas, has targeted poverty, corruption, the authoritarian state, and the regime’s costly intervention in Syria.  How can we oppose both US imperialism and the Iranian regime, while supporting emancipatory forces inside both societies and around the world?

Sponsored by the West Coast Chapter, International Marxist-Humanist Organization

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