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[Chicago] Disalienated Consciousness and Radical Humanism: The Most Desirable Bedfellows of Our Time

Alternatives to Capitalism-Imperialism:

Challenging Today’s Neocolonial Disorder


As the massive protests against Israel’s genocidal war against Palestine demonstrates, struggles against neo-colonialism are at the forefront of today’s freedom movements. Join us for a series of discussions exploring theoretical and practical resources for developing an alternative to global capitalism-imperialism in disarray.


All meetings via Zoom:

Passcode: 876496


Saturday, Feb. 10, 12 Noon (Chicago [Central] time)

Disalienated Consciousness and Radical Humanism: The Most Desirable Bedfellows of Our Time

Speaker: Deanne Bell teaches Critical Psychology and Decolonial Studies at Nottingham Trent University (UK) and focuses on the praxis of decolonizing the human in modernity.



March 2: 12 Noon (Chicago [Central] time)

The Periphery in the Heart of Accumulation: José Carlos Mariátegui’s Legacy for the 21st Century

Speaker: Eleonora Roldán Mendívil studies at University of Kassel (Germany) and has published on global migration and gender & race in modern capitalism.



March 23: 12 Noon (Chicago [Central] time)

A Value-Theory of Labor Subjectivities: Theorizing Capital’s Production and Exploitation of Racial Difference

Speaker: Davide Ventrone is a researcher working in Montreal/Tiohtià:ke (Joh-jaw-gay); his research focuses on the state, financialization and Marx’s critique of political economy.



April 13: 12 Noon (Chicago [Central] time)

How Marx and Fanon’s ‘New Humanism’ Speaks to Today’s Struggles Against Neo-Colonialism

Speaker: Peter Hudis is author of Frantz Fanon, Philosopher of the Barricades and Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism



May 4, 12 Noon (Chicago [Central] time)

Marxist Humanism and Trans Liberation

Speaker: Alex Adamson, author of “Beyond the Coloniality of Gender: María Lugones, Sylvia Wynter, Decolonial Feminism, and Trans and Intersex Liberation” and whose work focuses on decolonial critiques of political economy, scholar-activism, and queer and trans philosophy.



Sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

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