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[Chicago] Targeting Capital: Revisiting Marx’s Capital in Developing a New Alternative

Thursday, March 16, 6:30 pm
Hosteling International
24 East Congress Parkway, Nichols Room
Chicago Loop

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Marx’s Capital–the most thorough and comprehensive critique of the capitalist mode of production ever written. Can a re-study of this work with eyes of today provide new insights concerning how to overcome capitalism? Can it illuminate ways to break free from capital’s logic of domination and exploitation, which is creating so much havoc on humanity and nature? Is there a legacy of this critique that we want to continue? Can it inform our current struggles to create truly transformational strategies and principles?

While we must fight against injustice and exploitation in all their forms, we cannot overcome them unless we defeat the specter of capital. Join us in a collective endeavor to understand its definition and content, and why earlier attempts at creating “socialist” or “communist” societies proved unable to defeat it.

We raise these as questions for further exploration in the coming weeks and months, as we think through ideas for holding a series of events on the anniversary of Capital’s publication this spring and summer in the Chicago area. Bring your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions to what will be an open-ended discussion.


Sponsored by: International Marxist-Humanist Organization ([email protected])