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[Chicago] The Environmental Crisis in Light of Marx’s Critique of Capital

April 29
6 -8 p.m.

Out of line Art Gallery
2812 W. Chicago Ave.

Speakers: Peter Hudis Ph.D. and Howard Ehrman M.D.

Hudis and Ehrman will discuss today’s environmental challenges referring to socio/economic systems, and suggest that the problem of global warming falls short if it doesn’t target value production.

The event takes place during Earth day/month, during our Blue, Blue Planet art show. Environmentally friendly paintings, batiks and sculpture will serve as a backdrop to the discussion of the hottest global challenge we all face. The visual display will highlight the threats we face as planet dwellers, and the steps we must take to revise our thinking, our culture and our economy. We seem to have arrived the point where capitalism is not only a threat to social justice and well being, but also to basic survival.

A discussion will follow. All rational arguments are welcome. Drinks will be available for a small fee.

For details, contact [email protected] .