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[Chicago] A World on the Precipice: Reflections on War, Race, Class, and Gender

Will our future be defined by endless wars, occupations, and political repression, or have new openings emerged, from both practice and theory, that can point the way to an alternative to a global capitalism that is increasingly in disarray? Join us for an open discussion of these and related issues.

This an in-person, non-hybrid event


  • Kevin B. Anderson, author of Marx at the Margins, will be speaking on “Death and Life in Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, and France”
  • Andrés Metacomet, XicanIndio Worker, Marxist, will be speaking on “The Biosphere, The Anthropocene and 21st Century Capital: A Marxist Response”
  • Heather A. Brown, author or Marx on Gender and the Family, will be speaking onLGBTQ Rights and the Family: What Does Marx Offer for Theorizing Alternatives to Capitalism?”
  • Paul Kim, philosopher and student activist, will be speaking on “Marx’s Theory of Alienation Today”



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