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Statements express positions of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization on specific issues and have been approved by a vote of either the membership as a whole or the steering committee.

The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

February 16, 2010 Length: 2200 words 0 comments

Support the People of Afghanistan and Pakistan in the Face of Imperialist War and Fundamentalist Retrogression!

As the U.S./NATO war and occupation enters its tenth year, the conflict in Afghanistan is in fact deepening. The long-suffering Afghan people have experienced war for most of the last 30 years, ever since the USSR invaded to prop up a pro-Russian regime and the U.S., Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia responded by supporting Islamist reactionaries.

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The U.S. Marxist-Humanist Organization

September 20, 2009 Length: 2306 words 0 comments

Support the Iranian People’s Movement against the Repressive Regime!

The following statement by the US Marxist-Humanists, London Corresponding Committee and international Marxist-Humanists from Canada, India, and West Africa is a contribution for the events in solidarity with the democracy movement in Iran in September and the fall.

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The U.S. Marxist-Humanist Organization

May 28, 2009 Length: 733 words 0 comments

The Twin Tragedies of the Gaza War

Statement of the U.S. Marxist-Humanists

Israel’s war on Gaza killed 1300 Palestinians, over 400 of them children. Its military has committed war crimes on a vast scale. These included indiscriminate shelling and air strikes against a civilian population of 1.4 million people with nowhere to flee. The Israeli armed forces deliberately targeted schools, hospitals, mosques, and United Nations agencies. Israeli forces also used white phosphorus shells in civilian areas, another war crime. In what amounts to a macabre battlefield “experiment,” they additionally used a horrific new weapon, the Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME), which slices up people within a small radius. DIME is likely to be banned under the Geneva Convention.

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