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Iranian Left Committee; Chicago

In Memoriam Comrade Ali Atesh, 1938-2018

Summary: Ali Atesh supported the Fedayeen as a student and in the early years of the Iranian revolution, and discovered Marxist-Humanism in light of the failure of the large Iranian left groups. He wa…

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A Group of Worker Activists

May Day Call from Inside Iran

Summary: Forward to a campaign for a national workers organisation in Iran — Editors

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The Los Angeles Chapter of International Marxist-Humanist Organization

May Day Statement: For a Humanist Alternative to Capitalism

Summary: This article was published in English on May 1, 2018 in the International Marxist-Humanist. It was translated into Persian by Ali Kiani — Editors

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رضا شهابی فورا باید آزاد شود

رضا شهابی از رهبران اتحادیه ی کارگران اتوبوسرانی تهران و حومه در چنگال دژخیمان جمهوری اسلامی روزهای بسیار بدی را می گذراند . شهابی به گفته ی همسرش دوبار در زندان سکته ی مغزی داشته و بخشی از صورتش از ح…

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An Iranian Marxist

Is Iran Moving Toward a Real Revolution?

Summary: A brief preliminary assessment of the situation in Iran in the first days of the revolt from a longtime Marxist inside the country, where youth have risen up against unemployment, poverty, an…

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Kevin B. Anderson,
Sofia Cutler,
Sara Farah,
John Bellamy Foster,
Emanuel Guay

Neoliberalism in Crisis

Summary: This interview of Kevin B. Anderson and John Bellamy Foster by Sofia Cutler, Sara Farah and Emanuel Guay was translated into Persian and published in Bepish. The original first appeared in 3:…

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Iranian Activists in Los Angeles

محمود صالحی ، فعال کارگری ایرانی بی درنگ آزاد باید گردد

Summary: Call for the Iranian regime to release longtime labor activist, whose life is at risk due to serious health problems — Editors

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Alireza Kia,
Faramarz Rafiei

100 Years after the Russian Revolution

Summary: Alireza Kia in conversation with Faramarz Rafiei about issues related to 1917, such as Lenin, Luxemburg and Marx on the national question in relation to class, Lenin and dialectics, and the M…

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Peter Hudis

Trump’s Election: Capitalism’s Dangerous Turn Toward Open Racism and Misogyny

Summary: This article was translated into Persian and published in Critique of Political Economy. The original was published in the International Marxist-Humanist, Nov. 10, 2016. The Persian translat…

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