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[Europe] A Planet at Risk – Ecosocialism and What “Sustainability” Really Means

Socialism Reimagined

Developing a Marxist-Humanist Analysis of
an Alternative to Capitalism

A Public Series of Discussions Sponsored by
the International Marxist-Humanist Organisation


Major parts of Europe are today facing huge problems with adapting to an environmentally sustainable life, increasing wealth inequalities, sexism and racism, and an increased feeling of alienation. In this series of public meetings, we will explore various contemporary issues facing us today, and discuss them together, in light of key Marxist-Humanist ideas.

Meetings via ZOOM

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Most suggested readings are available from the International Marxist-Humanist Organisation.

Session 3: A Planet at Risk – Ecosocialism and What “Sustainability” Really Means

Date & Time: Monday, May 16 at 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET

Description: Our being confronted with the Covid 19 pandemic is one of the manifestations of the destructive power of capital for all living beings in the metabolism between humankind and nature. It is heedful of Marx’s 11th Feuerbach thesis, “The philosophers have only INTERPRETED the world in different ways, the point is to CHANGE it” that we need more than ever a revolutionary philosophical vision, based on a Marxian notion of dialectic, in order to analyze and combat this destructive power and its irrational ideologies.

Suggested Readings: Ecology and Life in the Pandemic: Capital’s Treadmill of Growth and Destruction,” by Heather A. Brown, “Marx, Socialism, and Ecology,” by Karel Ludenhoff, “Ecological Cause, Anthropological Cause,” by Lucien Séve & “Marx and the Importance of Work and Philosophy,” by Gene Zbikowski and Lucien Séve.

Opening the Discussion: Karel Ludenhoff

Zoom link:

Passcode: 005684