The day when nobody knows (Greece, July 5, 2015)

Sam Friedman




Today is the day of
the referendum,
the day when three-fifths
of Greek voters said “No,”
and nobody knows
what Monday will bring,
nor Tuesday,
nor beyond.

Will the capitalists and bureaucrats
of right-thinking Europe
conduct their own Stonewall,
not the Stonewall of gay rebellion
but that of Stonewall Jackson
unyielding in defense of neo-modern slavery?

Will the Generals or fascists
be unleashed
to murder democracy
as so many times before?

Will Greek workers and their allies
around the world
rise up against such attacks?
Say “No!” again to capital’s
“No” to “No”
and build a new “Yes”
of revolution and rebirth?

Or will capital’s leaders
say “no” to such risks,
seek solace in the softness of Syriza
and negotiate a new bailout
for the bankers
and a fig leaf for Syriza’s leaders
lest they lose their right to ruin the Garden
that is Earth before the Fall?


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1 Comment

  1. Dorothy Schwartz

    Sam Friedman has done it again. Great poem.