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Committee in Solidarity with the People’s Struggle in Iran

March 4, 2010 Length: 221 words 0 comments

For Freedom & Democracy in Iran

Statement of the Committee in Solidarity with the People’s Struggle in Iran – Chicago

The regime of the Islamic Republic, fearing the eruption of mass protests and challenges to its existence, has again intensified its barbaric detentions, tortures and executions.

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Frieda Afary

February 27, 2010 Length: 1666 words 0 comments

A Response to Danny Postel’s call for critical solidarity with Iran (Reprinted from Tehran Bureau)

This article assesses critically the current state of the Iranian democratic movement, while disputing Postel’s contention that — despite Hugo Chavez’s support for the Iranian regime — the Iranian democratic movement has a lot to learn from the Venezuelan economic model.

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The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

February 16, 2010 Length: 2200 words 0 comments

Support the People of Afghanistan and Pakistan in the Face of Imperialist War and Fundamentalist Retrogression!

As the U.S./NATO war and occupation enters its tenth year, the conflict in Afghanistan is in fact deepening. The long-suffering Afghan people have experienced war for most of the last 30 years, ever since the USSR invaded to prop up a pro-Russian regime and the U.S., Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia responded by supporting Islamist reactionaries.

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A Chinese Intellectual

January 28, 2010 Length: 1085 words 0 comments

Returning to Rosa Luxemburg: A Comment on Raya Dunayevskaya’s Concept of the Masses as Revolutionary Subject

In her books, Raya Dunayevskaya saw in the masses the spontaneity and self-movement of the revolutionary subject.

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January 1, 2010 Length: 532 words 0 comments

Stop the Deportation of Jean Montrevil!

During a regular ISAP check-in on Wednesday, Haitian community activist Jean Montrevil was detained by Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) in New York.

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Peter McLaren

December 29, 2009 Length: 238 words 0 comments

Resist Neocon Witchhunters!

Recently, our friend the radical educationist Peter McLaren has come under attack from the rightwing National Association of Scholars for his links to the thought of “Paolo Freire, Raya Dunayevskaya, and Che Guevara,” as can be seen in NAS’s Dec. 15 polemic against Marxist influences in schools of education and especially the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies.

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December 13, 2009 Length: 1530 words 0 comments

“We Are Still Here”: The Sit-In at San Francisco State University

On Dec. 10, the police violently broke up a peaceful sit-in by students at San Francisco State University. We express our solidarity with the students who occupied the Business Building at SFSU, and with all others in California struggling for the right to an education. We find especially noteworthy that the SFSU students are linking their movement to anti-racist and labor movements, to the protests against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to the wider struggle against capital. Below we reprint their statement and their demands.

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London Corresponding Committee

December 13, 2009 Length: 2597 words 0 comments

On the Current Passivity and Stoicism of Organised Labour

This is a previously unfeatured article that was mis-placed a year ago as a comment below an article from a correspondent. Ian’s article in fact uniquely expresses his philosophical approach to struggles in the workplace that is his legacy.

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London Corresponding Committee

December 13, 2009 Length: 1279 words 0 comments

Ian MacDonald: Class Warrior, Marxist-Humanist (1957-2009)

Ian MacDonald, a leading contributor to The Hobgoblin, has died from cancer, aged 52. As Unison lead convenor for Surrey, Ian made a video for his trade union colleagues from his hospital bed, with solidarity greetings on the ongoing struggles in children’s services. “But at the moment,” he said “I’ve got my own fight; I wish you the utmost the very best and in yours.” Days later Ian lost the fight.

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Eli Messinger

December 10, 2009 Length: 7409 words 0 comments

Review Essay: Michael Löwy’s ‘The Theory of Revolution in the Young Marx’

This study of the development of Marx’s theory of revolution–using Marxism as its method–focuses on the formative years of 1842-1848. Although I will raise some criticisms concerning the treatment of dialectics, it is unusual and especially valuable in drawing connections between Marx’s theoretical concepts and his deepening involvement in this early, ideologically vibrant period of European working class activity.

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David Black

December 6, 2009 Length: 3342 words 0 comments

Comments on Chris Cutrone’s Review of Marxism and Philosophy by Karl Korsch

[Philosophy] is the scientific expression of a certain fundamental human attitude… toward being and beings in general, and through which a historical-social situation often can express itself more clearly and deeply than in the reified, practical spheres of life.
— Herbert Marcuse[1]

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David Black

October 24, 2009 Length: 2216 words 0 comments

Philosophy and Revolution

If there is one dominant philosophy in the modern world that embraces both left and right (not to mention post-modernism) that philosophy is pragmatism. As a philosophy pragmatism is really quite simple. If you want to eat a bowl of soup, and the choice is between using a fork or a spoon, you will choose the spoon because it will do the job best.

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Alireza Kia

October 10, 2009 Length: 636 words 0 comments

Protest at UN against Ahmadinejad

On September 23, 2009, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the blatant thief of the June Iranian presidential elections, visited New York City to attend the United Nations summit conference. In opposition to his presence there, thousands of Iranian exiles, students, youths, activists, and women, young and old alike demonstrated in front of the United Nations building.

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Khalfani Malik Khaldun

October 6, 2009 Length: 1672 words 0 comments

Revolution by Action

Khalfani Malik Khladun is a New Afrikan political prisoner who is incarcerated a the Westville Detention Center in Illinios. He is one of the leading voices from inside the prison walls against the abuses of the U.S. criminal injustice system. We call on our readers to support his struggle for exoneration.

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The U.S. Marxist-Humanist Organization

September 20, 2009 Length: 2306 words 0 comments

Support the Iranian People’s Movement against the Repressive Regime!

The following statement by the US Marxist-Humanists, London Corresponding Committee and international Marxist-Humanists from Canada, India, and West Africa is a contribution for the events in solidarity with the democracy movement in Iran in September and the fall.

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