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Kelly Green

August 6, 2011 Length: 7070 words 1 comments

Technology, Labor, and the Transcendence of Capital: Revisiting the Marcuse-Dunayevskaya Debate

In the 1960s and 1970s, Herbert Marcuse and Raya Dunayevskaya developed differing responses to the new stage of capitalist production represented by automation. – Editors

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Eli Messinger

August 5, 2011 Length: 1381 words 0 comments

Review of Richard Greeman’s Beware of Vegetarian Sharks

Veteran socialist Greeman’s book collects his essays on the radical movement, as well as biographical and theoretical reflections. – Editors

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Eli Messinger

August 4, 2011 Length: 6126 words 0 comments

Review of Slavoj Zizek et al., Lenin Reloaded

This review of one of the few recent books devoted to Lenin’s thought – with much discussion of dialectics — is particularly timely now that Lenin Reloaded is appearing in Spanish, Turkish, and other languages. – Editors.

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Khalfani Malik Khaldun

July 24, 2011 Length: 3676 words 0 comments

Buried Alive Inside Indiana SCU Unit: A Look at Suggestions to Modify Current Conditions and Create a More Conducive Environment

We publish the following piece by political prisoner Khalfani Malik Khaldun, which speaks to the issues that have helped foment the ongoing hunger strike of prisoners in Pelican Bay, California, as well as elsewhere in California. Now is the time to demonstrate support for those wrongly incarcerated and suffering the terrible abuses of the U.S. criminal injustice system – Editors.

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Rinita Mazumdar,
Heather Tomanovsky

July 12, 2011 Length: 4373 words 1 comments

Dialogue on Marx, Gender, Kinship, and Human Emancipation

We publish below a dialogue between Rinita Mazumdar and Heather Tomanovsky on Tomanovsky’s essay, “Marx, Gender, and Human Emancipation,” which originally appeared on this website. We would be glad to consider more contributions to this discussion – Editors

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Steven Colatrella,
Peter Hudis

July 11, 2011 Length: 2036 words 1 comments

Dialogue on Marx’s Critique of the Gotha Program

The following exchange between Steven Colatrella and Peter Hudis is in response Hudis’s essay on “Directly and Indirectly Social Labor: What Kind of Human Relations Can Transcend Capitalism?” which appears on US Marxist-Humanists website: We would be glad to consider more contributions to this ongoing discussion. – Editors

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David Black

June 16, 2011 Length: 2332 words 0 comments

Adorno For Revolutionaries?

In Adorno for Revolutionaries Ben Watson attempts to show how Theodore Adorno, starting with the commodity form, outlined a revolutionary musicology, a passageway between subjective feeling and objective conditions. In extending the analysis beyond the confines of ‘highbrow’ classical music Watson aims to ‘detonate the explosive core of Adorno’s method’. – Editors.

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The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

April 26, 2011 Length: 475 words 0 comments


May Day greetings to Iranian workers, stressing the imprisonment of Tehran workers’ leader Mansour Osanloo and the situation facing Iranian labor in light of the Arab upheavals of 2011. – Editors

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Kevin B. Anderson

April 2, 2011 Length: 10931 words 3 comments

Arab Revolutions at the Crossroads

The revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and the uprising in Libya have exhibited a post-Islamist and post-nationalist character.  After challenging both the political and the economic order, they face dangers from old forces like the military and the Islamists (Egypt) or of violent repression (Libya) – Editors

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Richard Greeman

April 1, 2011 Length: 1276 words 0 comments

Libya: Who’s Side Are We On?

A critique of the narrow forms of anti-imperialism that have emerged on some parts of the Left in the face of US and NATO intervention in Libya and a call for solidarity with the people of Libya and the wider Arab world. – Editors

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David Black

March 28, 2011 Length: 842 words 0 comments

Huge Mobilization in London Against Cutbacks Shows Both Promise and Contradictions

The March 26 London demonstration organized by the Trades Union Congress to protest against the Tory-Liberal coalition’s public sector cuts was the largest labor outpouring in over two decades. Various tendencies participating, from reformist to anarchist, are discussed – Editors

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Richard Abernethy

March 24, 2011 Length: 1630 words 0 comments

Vietnam: Dissent, Repression and the Emergence of an Independent Workers’ Movement

A look at Vietnam today: the land question, the status of women,  attempts to build independent unions, state repression, political dissent, and possibilities of revolution. – Editors

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Peter Hudis

March 14, 2011 Length: 39 words 0 comments

The Life, Letters, & Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg

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Kamal Abbas

February 20, 2011 Length: 467 words 0 comments

Egyptian Workers to Wisconsin Workers: “We Stand with You as You Stand with Us”

We link to this statement of solidarity by Egyptian trade unionist Kamal Abbas in support of the Wisconsin workers demonstrating against Governor Scott Walker’s attempted union busting.

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Lamis Andoni

February 11, 2011 Length: 54 words 0 comments

The Resurrection of Pan-Arabism

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