A4 revolution originated from a joke that took place in the Soviet Union, a man was caught by a KGB agent distributing leaflets in the Red Square. The KGB agent confiscated all the leaflets only to find out that they were just blank sheets of paper. However, the man was still arrested when the KGB agent told him: “I know what you are trying to say.”

In democratic countries, people have more freedom to assemble, to march, to demonstrate for injustice and oppression. However, being a citizen under a totalitarian government, the fear of being arrested and tracked down by the police is deeply rooted. Despite the fact that the voices of the people longing for freedom and justice were mostly suppressed under the totalitarian dictatorship, people have found the best way by holding up a blank piece of paper to express themselves.

The A4 Revolution aims to achieve four goals:

  1. Allow public mourning – Allow the release of information about victims and public mourning for fellow Chinese who have passed away due to excessive Covid-19 policies
  2. End Brutal Lockdowns – Stop the compulsory PCR test, end Zero-Covid policy, restore normal order of life and production
  3. Release Human rights defenders – Release all human rights defenders and promise never to pursue prosecution
  4. Protect People’s Constitutional Rights – Implement all the rights stipulated in the constitution such as freedom of speech ‘


The above information is collected from instagram account: citizensdailycn

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The Chinese government has ended Covid-19 lockdowns, and the country is now working on restoring normal lifestyle and industry. However, the results fall far short of the democratic freedoms that the A4 revolutionary demonstrators have called for.

To begin with, the government tries its best to block further reports on the A4 revolution and protests that took place internationally. Articles on domestic platforms related to the A4 Revolution were quickly deleted, and even a public Wechat account article on Mao’s freedom of speech was officially removed under this particular time. Most people in China do not know or have access to the ongoing protests that took place in foreign countries.

There is a gap in information between overseas Chinese and domestic Chinese, much as there is a disparity between Han Chinese and the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang. Despite the end of the zero Covid-19 policy, police repression, discrimination, and censorship toward ethnic minorities in Xinjiang persist. However, this A4 revolution provided an opportunity for some Chinese to uncover their denied citizen rights and liberties; thus, Han Chinese and ethnic minorities united in response to tyranny and oppression. The best support and confidence that any of us can offer to those who are fighting with us for justice and a more democratic future is undivided commitment.

Here is a quote that kept appear in my mind when I am writing this,

Chinese people love compromise. If you say to them, “This room is too dark, we must have a window made,” they will all oppose you. But if you say, “Let’s take off the roof,” they will compromise with you and say “Let’s have a window.”

                                                                                   -Lu Xun, Chinese novelist, writer and thinker

Source: https://quotepark.com/quotes/1870981-lu-xun-chinese-people-love-compromise-if-you-say-to-them/